From: Sue Dutton Rodgers <>
Subject: Zachariah/Jeremiah
Date: 1998-08-31 20:13:06
I have written to Walter Lundstein who wrote that message somewhere,
heard back from him that he would get back to me.  I am as intrigued as
you, James, to see if he has something we don't!!  My understanding
after first being contacted by him a week or so ago was that he has not
been researching very long, had received a little information from
various cuzzins in our line.  But like I said earlier, I just got thru
sending him a huge file with our complete line in it, but I have not
mentioned to anyone in my line about my interest in a connection between
Zachariah and Jeremiah, so he's come up with this on his own.  Hope it
pans out. I'll keep you all posted, for sure.  Susie

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