ZDUTTON — My Tree Doesn't Fork!

From: <Wildwudy@aol.com>
Subject: ZDUTTON — My Tree Doesn't Fork!
Date: 1998-07-01 22:27:37
Hi cousins,
    Well, it was interesting to find out that my branch doesn't fork as much
as everyone else's.  Guess Stephen Penn Dutton (my great, great grandfather)
wasn't too inspired to find a wife outside the family sine he married his
second cousion and when she died he married her sister.   Woody ran a
relationship program and found out I'm my own 5th cousin once removed.  Well,
at least I'm not my own "granma".  
    Charles Van Bebber has a picture of my great grandfather, James Arthur,
and is sending me a copy.  Thanks again Charles.   Woody will scan it later
into a JPEG file and provide a copy by e-mail attachment on request.  
     Joseph, you are really appreciated.  I still can't believe you're a young
whipper snapper.
    Does anyone know the national origin of the name Dutton?  My dad had told
me that it was Black Dutch, which I think is German.  

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