Re: A Dutton Family

Subject: Re: A Dutton Family
Date: 1998-08-30 10:07:45
    I think that this John Dutton could be a son of my Wiley J. Dutton that
moved from
Jackson County, AL to Washington County, Lick Mountain Township by 1850.  He
married and Evaline Rose in 1843 in Franklin County, TN.  They had several
children, and one of them was a John Dutton.  In fact, this John's complete
name was John Westerfield Dutton.  Are any of you familiar with the name
Westerfield?  I have seen
pictures of John and he is tall and very dark-----he reminds me of the actor
Lou Diamond Phillips.  I have more info on him somewhere.  He told his
daughter that
he was part Cherokee.  He died when he was in his 50's and I think that he was
a music teacher.  

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