A Dutton Family

From: ECol91234@aol.com
Subject: A Dutton Family
Date: 1998-08-30 01:57:37
I ran across a letter today that I received in 1995 in 
answer to an inquiry I ran in the Mountain Eagle, (Jasper,
AL's newspaper) about Duttons.  It was from David Ray
Dutton of Double Springs, AL 35553 - not sure where
in the state that is but the 355- begins like Jasper.  He
sent very little information.  He said that his father
was Robert Dutton, Jr. (but none of his information
ever referred to a Robert, Sr.  His dad, Robert, Jr. was 
orphaned at age 12 (about 1931) and the family was
split up all over the country.  There were sisters who 
died before the parents, also his oldest brother had
predeceased his parents.

What little he sent would look like this:
John Dutton married a McAnnally (first name unknown)
They had two children
	John Dutton who married Lula Stinson
	Sudie Dutton

John And Lula (Stinson) Dutton were the parents of  
    	Arie Dutton who died before 1931
	Archie Dutton, in his 60's in 1995
  	Jessie Dutton who died in the 1960's.
	Owen Dutton who died around 1940-1941
	Robert Dutton, Jr. b. 19 Jun 1919 - apparently still
		living in 1995 as he gave no death information.
	Buddy Dutton b. abt 1930, who was age 65 in 1995 and
		lived in Michigan
	At least two daughters who died before 1931.  
Not much information, but does this fit into anyone's 

	Soon, I will send some of the Zachariah Dutton (son of
Jarrett) information that I have.  Got several projects going 
now with  a time deadline, so dragging my feet on some of t


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