Re: Walker County AL Duttons

Subject: Re: Walker County AL Duttons
Date: 1998-09-02 21:56:43
Thanks Susie and Jennifer
for the response to the family of David Ray Dutton.  
The fact that the "John" who married Annie was 
actually James Robert probably explains why
David referred to his father as Robert, Jr.  I was puzzled
because I didn't see any older Robert in his information.
It appears, then, that some of the Duttons still in Walker
County are descendants of yours and David's family, Jennifer.
It seems logical to met that there would be some connection
to the James Dutton who married Mary Irwin and have many
descendants in that county.  I hope we can find this connection.
	Then, if I read your information correctly  "Buddy" was 
actually  Gladys.  Is this a male or female?  The name has always
signalled female to me, but David wrote that Robert, Jr.  had at
least five brothers.  Perhaps it is a male with a name that is
commonly female....or perhaps he was mistaken and it was a sister.
Do you know anything of the Arie Dutton and Owen Dutton whom
he said died before 1931 and 1940-41 respectively?  My Walker
County contact from the Jarrett Gerrard Dutton family, which is
part of the Zachariah Dutton descendants mentioned something 
about brothers that had lived in Walker county named Archie, Jessie
and Owen.  According to David, Archie was still living in 1995 and
was in his 60's.  Do you know if he still lives there and what his
address might be?  Do you correspond with your Uncle David, Jennifer?
He seemed very interested in his family and would probably like to
know the information that you have if he does not already have it.
It is always nice to find someone who ties up to bits of information
you receive.  Maybe we will be able to connect these things.  It seems
highly possible that some of the same family of the size of Zachariah's
descendants would migrate to Georgia from either Maryland or North
Carolina, then on to Alabama where other family live.   
Thanks to both of you.  Keep in touch if you get any more info.

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