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Subject: Re: ZDUTTON — My Tree Doesn't Fork!
Date: 1998-07-01 23:14:42
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<< Hi cousins,
     Well, it was interesting to find out that my branch doesn't fork as much
as everyone else's.  Guess Stephen Penn Dutton (my great, great grandfather)
wasn't too inspired to find a wife outside the family sine he married his
second cousion and when she died he married her sister.   Woody ran a
relationship program and found out I'm my own 5th cousin once removed.  Well,
at least I'm not my own "granma".  
     Charles Van Bebber has a picture of my great grandfather, James Arthur,
and is sending me a copy.  Thanks again Charles.   Woody will scan it later
into a JPEG file and provide a copy by e-mail attachment on request.  
      Joseph, you are really appreciated.  I still can't believe you're a
young whipper snapper.
     Does anyone know the national origin of the name Dutton?  My dad had told
me that it was Black Dutch, which I think is German.  
 Betty >>


Betty, my family lova a cousin too.  Not only my direct lines on both sides,
but a great great uncle married one of the Norwood girls, she died, he married
a sister, she died, he went back and got yet another sister.  By now I would
have been a little afraid to marry this chap by now, but he married four
sisters and had a passel of children by all of them.  Now that line has a time
trying to decide who mama was.  But that is the best arrangement.  If it is
your own nieces and nephews, you adore them already so no evil step mama
there.  In fact, the kids were said to complain because "mama" catered to the
others because poor things had lost their mamas .

And a computer program ran... has me as not only mother to my daughter, but I
am also her cousins sometimes removed....grin

Also in regard to the term "black dutch."  Artie Valerius who suzie and I have
to get to join says that during "the trail of tears," that many indians listed
themselves as black dutch in order to escape the march.  Her husband is indian
and his last name is Dutton.  She says a missionary named Dutton helped the
family escape the awful trek to Oklahoma (per her mother-in-law's oral
history) by either giving them his name or marrying one of th girls and he
listed the family as "black dutch."

I probably don't have the story entirely straight but will e-mail Artie.

I have been told that Dutton is Scotch
                        that Dutton is English
                        that Dutton is German

However, on the complete ship's passenger list from England ...the second ship
into America after the Mayflower (the ship Fortune),  there was an Elizabeth
Dutton aboard that ship.  I saw it years ago before I was into saving ever
tidbit of documentation that I ran across, so I do not have a copy.  I do not
remember if she was a widow or an unmarried.  I believe that Dutton is

Thank you for resending the message.  I will try not to be so careless, but I
get so aggravated with all of that junk.

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