Silence is not golden

Subject: Silence is not golden
Date: 1998-09-20 00:49:15
Dear Everyone,
I have just completed a commemorative scrapbook for my 
oldest grandson's 16th birthday which was Sept. 17.  I
got it to him on time by sending it Fed Ex (Wow was that
expensive!), but I had sent letters to lots of his friends and
relatives asking them to send their memories, pictures,
momentoes, advice, etc. and made pockets on pages near
their memory pages in which to put the sealed mail and
cards so that he was the one who got to open them.  So I didn
not feel that I could very well have the book arrive a day or
two after the fact containing other folks good wishes.  The
response was good and I was very proud of the book--(So
was he, which is the main thing_), but I started it too late
--partly because Mom did not get me the addresses any
sooner, and I did it in about five weeks, and all the mailings
poured in at the last minute.   I knew it would take
some time, but did not realize how much time making all
those decorated pages would take (nor how much the acid
free material were going to set me back), but I would have
done it in any case.  All of this to say that I have done nothing
for the past five weeks with my leisure but work on "The BOOK".
I have read the e-mail and saw that most must also be busy
with end of the summer and beginning school or otherwise.
I really do not have anything to contribute right now that is
new, but like to hear what you are doing personally as well as
genealogical-research-wise.  Anything to keep from having
to listen to or think about the Clinton stuff!!!!

Hello to one and all.  Did correspond with a descendant of the
family that the  David Dutton who wrote me several years ago
with scanty information and we exchanged some stuff about
that family.  Susie connected us. if my memory serves me
correctly.  If it does not, my apologies to the one who did.  And
many thanks to Susie for getting us together.   I
will check that out later.  It is growing late and my eyes are
too heavy to do it now.  Sounds like that family may be connected
to us as they had, and still have. descendants in Walker Co. AL, but the
Dutton line of that family seem to have all died early and spouses
know little.  Maybe we will find the link later.
I will check out the family Margaret mentioned in Texas.  Rang no
initial bells so far as my files when I saw it.   Good night, Eula.

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