ZDUTTON Discussion Group? (Test post)

From: Richardson <richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON Discussion Group? (Test post)
Date: 1998-06-24 21:23:30
Friends, Duttons, Countrymen,

Lend me your ears. :>

It occurred to me a while back that we might start a Zachariah Dutton
discussion group--kind of a mailing list forum in which we could share
data, compare notes, post queries, and keep each other posted as to our
research. It might be the only mailing list you receive that actually has
anything useful on it!

Anyway, I buried the idea for a while, but I did get some positive
feedback, so I thought I would try it out again.

I've got the list put together. I'll organize it if anyone wants to "join".
If you're receiving this e-mail, you're in truth already "on the list" as
it stands. If you have a problem with this, of if you're just not
interested, just let me know. I know I'm mailing some of you at work. The
list would mail once every day or two or three, probably at least once a
week. It'll probably be manual on my part, at least for a while--not like
the ROOTS-L lists where you just send it in and everyone gets it back. It
may be a lot of work (may not be), but I'm willing to do it if you're
willing to contribute.

Questions? Comments? Complaints?


Joseph Thomas Richardson

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