William Dutton

From: Sue Dutton Rodgers <oldolls@ipa.net>
Subject: William Dutton
Date: 1998-09-28 18:40:27
James:  My information on this William Dutton, listed on the 1800 is:

1 male 10 and under 16, 1 male over 45; 2 females under 10; 2 females 10
and under 16; 5 females 16 and under 26; 1 female 45+ and two slaves.

I have Zachariah's son William as being born abt 1777, so this could not
have been him.  Also, I do not see that he married prior to 1833 to Mary

This William had to have been born prior to 1755 so would be more like a
brother to Zachariah, not a son.  He would not be the William from
Cope's book either as that William was born about 1711 and would have
been a very old man in 1800. (Still possible, however, the 5 females
16-26, one could have been a widowed daughter or daughter-in-law,
explaining the minor children!)  So.....who was this William????  I do
not find him on the 1810 census for Granville Co, nor anywhere else I've
looked.  Intriguing to say the least!!  Susie

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