William Dutton in Granville Co. 1800

From: Sue Dutton Rodgers <oldolls@ipa.net>
Subject: William Dutton in Granville Co. 1800
Date: 1998-09-27 22:00:26
Hi group.  I have looked and looked back thru our correspondences where
I believe someone mentioned that there was a William Dutton (and
possibly another Dutton) found in Granville Co. N.C. during the time
that Zachariah was there.  Can anyone tell me what that census says on
William or any other Duttons???    Was he old, young??  You can see that
I am still tryin' ta connect the dots!!!

A couple of weeks ago I made a trip to Kansas City to visit a lady who
has been researching the Duttons, mainly my line of Jeremiah, for about
20 years.  And she has a WEALTH of information.   ......only one
problem.  Just before I began to research, couple of years ago, she had
her second stroke.  It is very sad, as her mind is still very
sharp...but she is unable to speak to any degree.  So I spent both a
wonderful but stressful day with her looking at her papers. (And yes, I
made a mad dash to Kinkos!!!) Alot of the day consisted of my looking
thru papers papers papers, asking her yes and no questions.  I am both
intrigued and frustrated with what I came back with!!

This lady is absolutely adament that Jeremiah Dutton was the son of
William Dutton, b. abt 1711 in Pa., s/o Edward Dutton and Gwin
Williams.  Edward was a son of the John Dutton who came to Pa. with
William Penn.  But I was unable to determine what proof she might have
of this revelation.

And part of the intrigue is that she kept trying to indicate that
paperwork she had on Zachariah Dutton had some connection to Jeremiah,
but I was unable to get the right yes or no answer to find what it
WAS!!!  I plan to spend a couple of days with her Nov 13-15, and
hopefully will be able to determine more.  AAAUUUGH, how frustrating!!!

Now, I've been wading thru the Cope book written in 1871 on the Pa.
Duttons, and this William seemed to have left Pa. shortly after his
father's death in 1735 (although it indicates that he had been away for
some time before his father's death, as Edward's will says something to
the effect "if William is still living".  And indeed he was as he shows
up to collect his 20 pounds left in his father's will, then disappears

Anyway, that's why I need the info on the William who was in Granville
Co.  I think he was perhaps only on the 1800 census.....which would have
made him very old, but I haven't found any trace of him after that
census, so it's conceivable it was him and he died shortly after.  It's
also possible the William in Granville Co. was a son or something.

I know, I know, Zachariah was originally in Charles Co. Md.  But at
least one of John Dutton's sons, Robert, went to Maryland, so it's
possible that William (a grandson to John, Robert would have been his
uncle), did also.

There is another connection I have made lately.  I have found that the
Samuel Dutton who came to Lawrence Co. by 1820 was in Lincoln Co. TN (on
TN and AL line) earlier than that. (He married in Washington Co. KY in
1795)   I have also found that Aaron Dutton who settled in Jefferson
County, Al (and some children in Blount Co) was in Lincoln Co. TN before
he came to AL.  Now!  I have also found that an Edmund Dutton was in
Lincoln Co, TN prior to Zachariah's son, Edmund, coming to Lawrence Co.
AL.  Does anyone know if Edmund, Zachariah's son, was that Edmund in TN
before coming to AL???

One of the big breakthroughs in my research recently is to have learned
that my Jeremiah Dutton did not die in S.Carolina as everyone thought he
did.  It seems he died 19 April 1816 in TN (possibly White Co.)

No, folks, I don't know what all this means yet!!!  I just thought I
would pass along the information I do have to this point.  What it DOES
indicate to me is that my line is more closely connected to the Duttons
in TN and possibly AL than I thought.  MUCH yet to be done! If anyone
has anything to add to this I would sure appreciate any insight you
might add!


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