Re: William Dutton in Granville Co. 1800

Subject: Re: William Dutton in Granville Co. 1800
Date: 1998-09-28 17:24:18
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The William Dutton found in Granville Co. is Zachariah's son probably the
oldest.  Joseph Richardson is a direct descendant of him.  He was married in
Alabama in his old age.  If you want more contact me.
I too have wondered about the William Dutton in Cope's book but I can't
connect him to my family.  My Grandfather told me  one time that his
Grandfather(Samuel S. Dutton) was from Chestnut Hill Pennslyvania but I could
never prove this , However I found him living in Chestnut Hill in Horry S.C.
early in the 1800's.  Mix-up I suppose.


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