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Date: 1998-07-02 10:37:19
Hi Cuz: Received all your messages and I am very excited about all this
information. While researching at the Denton Library, I found in the 1820
Census of Alabama, Jarrard Dutton listed living in Limestone County. I was
very confused as I always thought he was from Lawrence County, but in looking
at the map of Alabama, I see where the two counties are next to each other. 

I am excited to know at least one other person is connected with Jarrard. I
too like the name of Nona. My grandmothers trunk was stolen years ago so we
have no pictures or any family history (like Bibles,etc). I would love to get
pictures from any of you. 

Does anyone know where Zachariah was born??? I am fairly new to this
researching family history (about 3 years-going at it pretty strong this last
year), and I am very new to computers. Please excuse if I don't know some of
the language. (grin and smile ??? ) I finally figured out what BTW, but I'm
still not sure what is JTR unless if Joseph T. Richardson. 

At any rate, I'm enjoying all this information and can't thank you enough
Joseph for all your hard work.

Love to all cousins


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