From: MAKinsley@aol.com
Subject: ZDutton
Date: 1998-12-05 17:56:32
Hello from Texas:  I have been out for a while, but I am back. I just recently
learned that my Bickerstaff, Lollar, Dutton line is all intertwined. They came
from Alabama (Walker County) and North and South Carolina. I show James Dutton
wife, Mary "Polly"Irwin. William Irwin Jr. married to Sarah Ann Dutton (Walker
County)  Martha J. Irwin July 13, 1865. James, Martha and Sarah Ann are buried
at Dutton Hill Cemetery.  Can someone verify this?

Can any of you tell me if James Dutton was Zachariah Dutton's brother? Or who
is James Dutton? 

Cousin Margaret

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