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Dear Joseph,
    Please add me to your Dutton mailing list.  I sent you an E-mail yesterday
explaining that my husband is a Dutton.  I did not tell you yesterday that his
grandmother, Louise E. Dutton, gave birth to Silas Benton Dutton, in 1844,
where along Crow Creek in Jackson County, AL.  That is where she lived until
died in 1846.  Our Duttons were also in Franklin County, TN, Dade County, GA,
Chatooga County, GA, possibly Elbert County, GA, Robertson County, TN, 
Greenvile County, SC, and Wiley Dutton moved on to Conway County, AR.  I also
did not mention that our Duttons are Cherokee although I have no documentation
to prove this.  Family says that they were.  Rebecca Dutton always dressed as
Cherokee woman did and even dressed this way in 1883 when she visited IL when
my husband's  grandfather was born.  Can't seem to find any of our Duttons on
Cherokee rolls.  Also, family members have raven black thick hair, high
a broad nose, and a strange colored yellow/greenish eyes.  My husband and son
both have this nose and eyes.  Brad's aunt Mary very much resembles a Cherokee
woman .
     Thanks.   Artie    cybearval@aol.com
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Joseph has started a Dutton group. There are 15 in the group at this time.
Please e-mail him and get on the list.
They have been discussin "black dutch" and I told them that you knew more
story about that than me.

His mail:  richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net
Love Judy

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