Re: Zachariah Dutton's gggggrandson G.Dutton

Subject: Re: Zachariah Dutton's gggggrandson G.Dutton
Date: 1999-02-02 12:35:40
In a message dated 2/1/99 6:15:24 PM Eastern Standard Time,

<< I read your message in Rootsweb.
 I am a gggggrandson in the line of Zachariah,John, James,Thomas
F.,Rufus,Jesse Dutton.
 I am in the Walker County Line of Dutton's.
 Where can I see the will that you spoke about it would be of great interest
to know what was in the will.
 I have a lot of information on the Dutton line, I will be glad to send you
what I have.
 I would also be interested in what information you have on the Dutton line.
 Thanks to our new DUTTON family group on the net, we have found that Samuel
Sneed DUTTON (b. ca. 1797 in Anson County NC) is a son of Zachariah DUTTON
(proven by will). Now we are in pursuit of proof as to who Zachariah DUTTON's
father is.
 Gerald Dutton
 Jasper, Alabama

I am always glad to meet another cousin.  The will was sent to us by the young
man who started the Dutton group, Joseph Richardson.  I think I have it on
floppy disk somewhere.  When I can slow down I will look for it. Maybe some of
the others have it more handy.

In the meantime, I am cc your message to the group. Joseph is a college
student, so he only checks his mail I think when he is home.  I came out of
the group for awhile last year, because of an overload at work (getting ready
for y2k). We don't have a list server.  You just have to type all of the names
in to your address book.
I hope I have everyone.

Good luck

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