Re: Zachariah Dutton's gggggrandson G.Dutton

Subject: Re: Zachariah Dutton's gggggrandson G.Dutton
Date: 1999-02-02 22:29:17
In a message dated 2/2/99 11:35:40 AM Central Standard Time, Dokn writes:

<<  Where can I see the will that you spoke about it would be of great
interest to know what was in the will.
  I have a lot of information on the Dutton line, I will be glad to send you
what I have.
  I would also be interested in what information you have on the Dutton line.
  Thanks to our new DUTTON family group on the net, we have found that Samuel
Sneed DUTTON (b. ca. 1797 in Anson County NC) is a son of Zachariah DUTTON
(proven by will). Now we are in pursuit of proof as to who Zachariah DUTTON's
father is.
  Gerald Dutton >>
==========<>===========Hi Gerald and Judy,
     When you're sending a copy of that will along, could you pass this way,
     Betty is of the Zachariah, Edmund, Stephen Penn, James Arthur, Stephen
Elmore, Alvin line.
     Gerald, by request, we (Betty and I) can provide all of the
correspondence, bundled up in one big file, that took place up to about 6
months ago.  But then the group got quiet about then anyway.  I plan to update
the file from saved e-mails later.  Let me know  what format you need it in if
you'd like a copy. 
      It's kind of awkward not having a server, but here you know who each and
every one is that is in the group.  And attached files can be sent out to all
at once without the server stripping them off.  
       Gerald, can you send an FTM file (any version) or a GEDCOM file?
Woody and Betty (Dutton) Woodworth
Midwest City, OK

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