Z Dutton

From: Bill Brown <bbrown31@bellsouth.net>
Subject: Z Dutton
Date: 1999-02-06 19:21:06
I have been traveling recently through Alabama, Georgia, Florida,
Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina. I haven't had much time for
genealogy on trips, but I have found some information.

I located the grave of Z Dutton 1821- March 1864 who was born in Lawrence
County Alabama, but moved to Walker County prior to his enlistment in the
Confederate Army in 1863. Joseph Richardson indicated that Z Dutton died at
Hood Hospital at Covington, Georgia. I found his grave on the campus of
Emory at Oxford College at Oxford Georgia (2 miles north of Covington.) He
is buried in a cemetery for Civil War dead, which is located near the old
gymnasium of the college, with thirty other grave stones. His gravestone

        Z Dutton
        Co L 28 ALA
        March 1864

He probably died in one of the older buildings on the Emory at Oxford
campus, which were used for field hospitals during the war. Most likely Z.
Dutton was a casualty of the Battle of Atlanta and other battles associated
with Sherman's March across Georgia to Savannah.

Located graves of several of my grandfather's descendants in North Alabama
and did some research at Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham for Eula.

My younger son Steven G. Brown, has recently moved to Columbus, Mississippi.
We will be traveling there frequently. If possible I would like to visit
some of the Z Dutton descendants who may be along the way of our travels.
Gerald, please send me your address and phone number, since I go through the
Jasper area occasionally.


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