Re: Hello out there

From: "Jeff Carey/Janice Roper" <>
Subject: Re: Hello out there
Date: 1999-01-24 22:50:51
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I'm still here, but not doing any research currently, as I am drowning in
school work. I'm hoping to become active again this summer.

> From:
> To: [old-list]
> Subject: Hello out there
> Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 4:24 PM
> Is anyone out there? I lost all my address and don't know if I have all
> them. I may even have some that I am not suppose to have on the list. I
> remember who asked to be deleted. If any of the Dutton's get this
> please let me know, I feel like Betty now. Am I the only one left?
> Margaret

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