Re: Dutton

Subject: Re: Dutton
Date: 1999-05-08 15:34:52
Margaret writes>>>>>If you get this e-mail, I need the correct address for 
all the Dutton Gan as my mail keeps coming back


I don't know if there have been any updates in the past few months.  My 
computer crashed a few months ago and it was several weeks before I was back 
on line.  In the process I lost some things, but my old Dutton Clan list was 
in tact.

I have been spending the last month putting things together and updating my 
web pages which went sorely lacking and I have been getting my garden in, so 
I have not been touching base much with any of the family groups.  I think 
with this beautiful spring that a lot of people are out gardening....that is 
probably why everyone has been so quiet.

I have not heard from Joseph in ages.  He is probably in the throes of exams 
this week!  My daughter is through with college and has a "real" job now and 
I am all..........Grins!

This is what I have below.  Maybe some of the others can scan through it and 
see if this is all of them.  If not, I would like to know too.  

Hope you have a safe and happy Mother's Day.  We bury my best friend's mother 
tomorrow.  It will be a mother's day that we all will remember!
Love Judy


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