Re: Dates on Margarette Elizabeth Dutton Hughes

From: "William Mims" <>
Subject: Re: Dates on Margarette Elizabeth Dutton Hughes
Date: 1998-07-02 18:35:47
Joseph, My Duttons, Thomas, and Mary Catherine Bates Dutton went to TX in 1873.
They settled in McCulloch Co., haven't paid too much attention to counties on
map.  Where is Wise county in relation to McCulloch. (The city was Brady TX)

Richardson wrote:

> At 11:34 AM 7/2/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >Joseph,
> >  I have dates on Margarette Elizabeth Dutton Hughes as 12-21-1840 to
> >7-1-1908.  She is buried at Cottondale Cemetery (near Bridgeport) in Wise
> >County Tx, along with husband George Hughes and a son John who died at age
> >20 of "the fever."  I sent (requested) my dad drop by that cemetery about a
> >month ago. I had been there but was unable to locate the graves.  He walked
> >right to them (of course) and stated there was "other family" buried there
> >also. (Side note: A member of the Dalton gang is buried next to them). The
> >3 Hughes mentioned above are the only Hughes listed in the cemetery
> >records.  When I go to photograph the stones (I will, it is about 100 miles
> >from me) I will check. Maybe there are some Duttons there?  Or perhaps
> >Hughes daughters, by married names I am unfamiliar with. Also, I have a
> >photo of Margarette and husband - are we interested in sharing these?  I am
> >pretty stupid, but both of my daughters have scanners (Hey, I can type), so
> >I am sure I could get someone to send it for me.
> >Janice
> >Did I ever mention there is a Dutton Rd near Bowie Tx?  Just north of Wise
> >County.  George and Margrette lived near Bowie for a short time in 1890s.
> >The Dutton Rd is between (very small) communities of Ringgold and Stoneburg
> >Tx - within 20 miles of Red River (Oklahoma border).
> Janice,
> Wow! Thanks for the dates. Do you have dates on George as well? Also, I
> have listed 5 children in 1880; I don't know if there were more or not:
> Edmund Albert, George L., John A. (who died of "the fever"), Malissa(?) or
> Malinda(?) (can you clear this up?), and your Willie Edna.
> I looked for your Hughes on the 1900 census in the same area of Wise County
> as the other Duttons, but I couldn't find them. I'll have to look on the
> soundex.
> I believe that Margaret and George Hughes went to Texas with some of her
> siblings. I know that Betty's Stephen Penn Dutton went with them, and also
> their brother Alexander D. Dutton went. There were probably others with
> them as well. I wonder if some of the others are buried in the cemetery
> with the Hughes? I would really appreciate it if you would look.
> It looks like the folks left Alabama right after the 1880 census, and
> probably stopped in Arkansas on the way--maybe for a few years. Stephen
> Penn Dutton's youngest child Mary L. Dutton--the only one by his second
> wife--was born in Arkansas ca. 1818. They were in Texas by 1890, probably
> earlier. Does anyone know any exact dates?
> Thanks,
> Love,
> Cousin Joseph

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