From: MAKinsley@aol.com
Subject: Dutton
Date: 1999-06-10 13:44:34

I was trying to help someone of the Dutton Line . Much to my surprise when I 
pulled up my file, I discovered I had a hugh mess. I Have John Dutton and 
Omah Parish married and two children listed James Dutton b. abt. 1807 in 
Granville North Carolina and Thomas Dutton b. 1778, Grandville NC. Is that 

Now the really big mess!!!! (I think) 

I show Alexander Dutton and Rachel Farrell married and their children:
1) George Washington Dutton b. bet. 1810-1819
2) Sarah Ann Dutton b. bet. 1810-1819
3) Louisia Dutton b. bet. 1810-1819 

In fact, I show George Washington Dutton also as Samuel Dutton and Elizabeth 
Threadgill child also. I show them with 15 children. 

Then I show George Washington Dutton as Zachariah Dutton and Mary Rushing 

I think I need someone to set me straight on who. what and where.
Will someone please help me get this mess straight????

Looking for some good answers.


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