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Subject: Re: [Fwd: [Fwd: ZDUTTON – A Big Hello]]
Date: 1999-06-30 12:43:31

Received all your messages. I will be going to Parker County (about 65 miles 
from Denton) in a couple of weeks. What would you like from Parker County. 
They are very helpful. Just let me know, and it will be done.

Levi Brown, mr grandfather, had a brother named William Boyd Brown b May 27, 
1849 d February 28, 1906, and Issac Brown b March 15, 1846 Oakman or Lost 
Creek Alabama dd April 06, 1915 Mississippi. a sister Martha Jane Brown b 
1843 Lawrence County Alabama d July 11, 1876 Itawamba Mississippi. 



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