Heard Joseph is Back!!

From: ECol91234@aol.com
Subject: Heard Joseph is Back!!
Date: 1999-06-17 02:15:29
Sending this out to the whole group to be sure that everyone has me on their 
list.  Heard from Margaret that Joseph had posted something about my line of 
Duttons and did I get it.?   No, I didn't, but that message excites me.  I 
have been wondering about what Joseph is up to and wishing I had him online 
to ask about any documentation he may have for my James being the son of John 

Also, for anyone who is a descendant of James Dutton who married Mary Irwin, 
Margaret has sent me some Irwin information and put me in touch with two 
other Irwin and Lollar contacts.  Lots of good stuff on Mary's ancestors.  

Also got a message from one of these two  when I was debating whether James 
had a brother named Thomas, based on the fact that one his descendants 
remembers his father always referring to his great-grandfather as Tommy and 
the Keeton Family Book, Vol. 1 lists him as James Tommy Dutton.   Granted 
that book is not totally accurate about Duttons I don't think.  I have talked 
to or received correspondence from both authors who indicated they had a 
difficult time hearing from the Duttons connected to their Keetons.  Anyway, 
in response to my question about his knowledge of any siblings of James 
Dutton and if he knew if the Thomas Dutton who married Elizabeth Kitchens 
were his brother, he sent the following response:

"On the Duttons - I believe the Thomas Dutton that married Elizabeth
Kitchens, was the son of Thomas Dutton and grandson of Samuel Dutton. 
These families lived near Samuel and William Irwin in Lawrence Co., AL
In their probate records, Samuel Dutton had a son named Thomas and
Thomas also had a son named Thomas."

Now I do not have any such succession of Samuel and Thomas Duttons in my 
files that are of the age for that Thomas Dutton (born, if my memory serves 
me correctly in about 1809).  I know I do not have nearly all the Dutton 
family records so maybe someone else knows about this.  I remember that we 
had several discussions about a Samuel Dutton, perhaps in Lawrence Co. that 
no one could fit into our group?????

Anyone have a response?

Joseph, I am so very pleased we have heard from you again!  You seem to be 
one of our resident experts and I have greatly missed you! --not only for 
your contributions to our Dutton genealogy, but the personality that came 
through in your postings as well.  Welcome back even if you are too busy to 
devote the kind of time you put in last summer!!

  I have a contact now with Maranda Dutton Owens who is a descendant of the 
George W. Dutton, son of James and Mary Irwin that I have so very little info 
on.  She is just beginning.  I think she has also made contact with James in 
NC.  One of her e-mails led me to think that.  I have picked up a little more 
of that George W. from her....maybe there will be more.

	It's late and I am tired, but was so excited to hear from Margaret 
that Joseph had a recent posting, I had to take time to write.  I have asked 
her to forward that message back to me.

	Will greatly appreciate it if all of you good Duttons will check your 
list and see if you have me ECOL91234@aol.com.  Don't want to miss a single 
word from any of you.     Many thanks,  Eula

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