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From: Richardson <>
Subject: Re: Dates on Margarette Elizabeth Dutton Hughes
Date: 1998-07-02 22:26:42
At 11:34 AM 7/2/98 -0500, you wrote:
>  I have dates on Margarette Elizabeth Dutton Hughes as 12-21-1840 to
>7-1-1908.  She is buried at Cottondale Cemetery (near Bridgeport) in Wise
>County Tx, along with husband George Hughes and a son John who died at age
>20 of "the fever."  I sent (requested) my dad drop by that cemetery about a
>month ago. I had been there but was unable to locate the graves.  He walked
>right to them (of course) and stated there was "other family" buried there
>also. (Side note: A member of the Dalton gang is buried next to them). The
>3 Hughes mentioned above are the only Hughes listed in the cemetery
>records.  When I go to photograph the stones (I will, it is about 100 miles
>from me) I will check. Maybe there are some Duttons there?  Or perhaps
>Hughes daughters, by married names I am unfamiliar with. Also, I have a
>photo of Margarette and husband - are we interested in sharing these?  I am
>pretty stupid, but both of my daughters have scanners (Hey, I can type), so
>I am sure I could get someone to send it for me.
>Did I ever mention there is a Dutton Rd near Bowie Tx?  Just north of Wise
>County.  George and Margrette lived near Bowie for a short time in 1890s. 
>The Dutton Rd is between (very small) communities of Ringgold and Stoneburg
>Tx - within 20 miles of Red River (Oklahoma border). 


Wow! Thanks for the dates. Do you have dates on George as well? Also, I
have listed 5 children in 1880; I don't know if there were more or not:
Edmund Albert, George L., John A. (who died of "the fever"), Malissa(?) or
Malinda(?) (can you clear this up?), and your Willie Edna.

I looked for your Hughes on the 1900 census in the same area of Wise County
as the other Duttons, but I couldn't find them. I'll have to look on the

I believe that Margaret and George Hughes went to Texas with some of her
siblings. I know that Betty's Stephen Penn Dutton went with them, and also
their brother Alexander D. Dutton went. There were probably others with
them as well. I wonder if some of the others are buried in the cemetery
with the Hughes? I would really appreciate it if you would look.

It looks like the folks left Alabama right after the 1880 census, and
probably stopped in Arkansas on the way--maybe for a few years. Stephen
Penn Dutton's youngest child Mary L. Dutton--the only one by his second
wife--was born in Arkansas ca. 1818. They were in Texas by 1890, probably
earlier. Does anyone know any exact dates?


Cousin Joseph

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