ZDUTTON- What to call our Rootsweb list?

From: Wildwudy@aol.com
Subject: ZDUTTON- What to call our Rootsweb list?
Date: 1999-07-01 02:09:26
Hi Joseph,

First, Betty and I, eager for accomplishments in The Quest, went down to the 
Vital Statistics office and put in requests for death certificates on Stephen 
Penn Dutton and Martha Jane Dutton.  They asked us if they could be given 
more time to do a more thorough hand search, so we left them there with the 
results to be mailed to us later.  We were forced to put down a county in OK 
as a minimum for Stephen Penn (we had no idea), so we put down the county 
(Love county) that you had speculated may be one of his last residences.  
Also, we were forced to enter a ten year span for death, so we put 1911-1921 
for Stephen since you had found he was living in 1910. 

Betty and I talked over the question on what to call the pending Rootsweb 
mail list.  Betty has no strong feelings over the name.  DUTTON-Z is OK, and 
she wondered if it could be "DUTTON ZACHARIAH".   The problem, as the group 
noted a year or more ago, is that there is already a Dutton group on the 
Rootsweb List system -- and it's a big one.  We want to limit our group to a 
focus on Zachariah.  The other problem is a database search problem.    But 
then I wondered if "DUTTON-Z" would have any database advantage over ZDUTTON. 
 So I played with Rootsweb searches, and found it didn't make any difference 
anyway whether it was ZDUTTON or DUTTON-Z.  The way their new "sounds like" 
database behaved, one had to enter the peculiar spelling specifically or the 
database gave a "not here".  Then I tried entering Dutton with a suffixed 
number, DUTTON2.   Bingo.  Entering "DUTTON2" brings up "DUTTON" and "DEATON" 
for one to select.  That means Rootsweb List should 
   a.  Recognize and treat "DUTTON2" as a separate surname and group from 
   b.  Rootsweb will show the surname groups "DUTTON", "DUTTON2", (and 
"DEATON") when one enters a search for "DUTTON". 
   c.  Which means that Dutton chasers can find us with "DUTTON2", and we can 
have our own separate identity from the larger Dutton group.  So, "DUTTON2" 
is offered as a possible name.

And finally, since I've retired, I can offer to be alternate Rootsweb 

Woody and Betty (Dutton) Woodworth

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