ZDUTTON: Lawrence Co., Ala., and Parker Co., Tex.

From: Richardson <richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON: Lawrence Co., Ala., and Parker Co., Tex.
Date: 1999-07-01 14:11:40
Cousin Margaret wrote:
> Dutton Gang:
> In an earlier message today, I stated that a Sparks was a
> witness to Jarrett 
> Dutton and Charity Boyd McDaniels-That is wrong. I should have
> stated a 
> Sparks was a witness to John Brown and Mary Dutton. The witness
> was a Samuel 
> Sparks. I have a copy of this marriage license which I received
> from Lawrence 
> County Archives.
> Cousin Margaret

I didn't get your earlier message, Margaret, but thanks for your
correction. Yes, that confirms some of my thoughts about your Browns
being related to all the other Browns that are related to the Kitchens
and Sparks et al. I've been meaning to go look up your John Brown and
Mary Dutton marriage record for some time, but every time I go to the
Archives, I end up working on something else. I guess part of it has
something to do with my great distaste for microfilm; I dunno, I guess I
don't like the hassle of it. John and Mary's marriage record was not in
the Marriage Books; it's in the Orphan's Court Book "C", which is not
readily accessible except by microfilm. Most of the other early marriage
records have been photocopied and put into books in the reading room; I
like that a lot better-- I can just grab a stack of them and head to the
copy machine.

By the way, last time I was at the archives, I made copies of a lot of
the earlier Dutton marriage bonds, in case any of you might like copies.
I have Jarrard Dutton - Charity McDaniel, James Dutton - Mary Irwin,
Thomas Dutton - Elizabeth Kitchens, William Z. Dutton - Vina J. Borden,
and probably some others.


Margaret wrote:
> I will be going to Parker County
> (about 65 miles 
> from Denton) in a couple of weeks. What would you like from
> Parker County. 
> They are very helpful. Just let me know, and it will be done.

Heh heh... so many of you are right smack in the middle of the areas in
which I would LOVE to do research right about now, it's tempting to
recruit you all for one wild goose chase or another. I'm actually
planning (or maybe wishing is a better word) for a trip out West to see
some of ya'll, and try to track down some more of our Duttons. But for
now, I don't want it seem that I'm sending any of you on "errands" or
anything; I mean, if you happen to be in a particular area doing
research, a few look-ups might be nice, but don't let me send you on a
special trip a hundred miles out of your way, on a mission that very
well could be a waste of time! That's my department. :)

Thanks for your offer, Margaret. I think what I had mentioned earlier
was the 1910 Parker County census. We have the full 1910 Texas soundex
at the library in Huntsville, but that only showed me the person I was
looking for, and not whoever else was living in the household. I have
the page numbers and everything; if they have the 1910 census handy
where you're going, this should only take a second:

Stephen Dutton, age 75, born in Ala.
Parker County, Texas 1910 -
Supervisor's District #51, Enumeration District #172, Page #41
(These are the numbers in the upper-right corner of the page.
The page number here is actually the "Sheet" number--
the handwritten page number. A Sheet is actually two pages long on the
microfilm-- front and back in the original book, I suppose.)
Living in household of Wm. S. Witt.

This, by the way, is Stephen Penn Dutton, ancestor of Betty Woodworth;
the son of Edmund Dutton, son of Zachariah. I find it interesting that
he is living with a Witt-- Stephen's second wife, Sarah Jane, first
married Christopher C. Witt. I don't have any record of a William S.
Witt, but then I haven't studied them much. I wonder if Sarah Jane
Dutton is still living on the 1910 census; that's part of the reason I'd
like to see it.

I went through a good part of the soundex copying each name, but it was
pretty long; I got about half-way through the J's before I gave up and
shuttled on to "S", hoping to find Stephen. In the part I looked at,
Stephen was the only Dutton living in Parker County.

Also, if you get a chance, I'd like to see if there were any Duttons
married in Parker County. I'm almost certain there were; as far as I
know, most of them weren't married in Wise County, so I assume they
would have been married in Parker County (they were apparently living
right on the line, at Springtown.) There is a transcription of Wise
County marriage records at the Huntsville Library, but there aren't any
books on Parker County. If the marriage records are indexed, a list of
all the Duttons (assuming it's not too long) would be perfect. If there
are any cemetery books or records that are indexed, it might be
worthwhile to look up any Duttons in them. Thanks a billion for the
cemetery records you sent on Wise County; they were extremely helpful.

One last thought: Is there a genealogical society where you are going?
Are there are published Parker County books for sale? If so, could you
get me their addresses? I might like to order some for myself or to
donate to the library.


Cousin Joseph

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