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Subject: ZDUTTON: Re: Duttons in Parker Co., Tx., and GA
Date: 1999-07-04 12:22:05
"J. Steven Bush" wrote:
> Dear "Cousin Joseph" -
> I hope I addressed this to the proper person.
> You may be interested to know that Malitha Ann Dutton, wife of Calvin
> Commodore Garner, lived in Parker County, Texas between about 1885 and
> 1907.  The couple was married in Franklin Co., TN, in 1874.  Malitha was
> born in Georgia, possibly Dade Co., and her father was Thomas Dutton.
> You may also be interested to know that probate records of Parker County
> reveal that Sallie Dutton, age 66, was declared N.C.P. in January 1945,
> on the petition of her sister, Minnie L. Hayes.  She was adjudged
> recovered in June of that year.  Dutton was Sallie's married name, her
> maiden name apparently being Mathis.  I do not know the name of Sallie's
> husband, as that information did not appear in the probate record.
> Sincerely yours,
> J. Steven Bush

Thanks, Steven--

Your tidbits here were quite helpful, and are much appreciated. I
recognize the Sallie Dutton here as being the wife of Ernest L. Dutton,
one of ours; he was the son of Alexander D. Dutton, who came to Texas
from Alabama. I had a copy of their cemetery record, and knew her name
was Sarah J., but I didn't know her maiden name. The dates you've
provided fit very well: Ernest L. Dutton, born 19 Dec 1876 in Alabama,
died 29 Jul 1944 in Parker County, Texas; as he died in 1944, his wife
Sarah J. "Sallie", born 15 Jul 1878, could have then been declared
N.C.P.--and would indeed have been 66 years old in January 1945. She
died on 17 Sep 1948. They are both buried in the Opal Cemetery in Azle,
Parker County, Texas.

By the way, our Duttons are tied in with this Mathis family in a couple
of other places, also. James Arthur Dutton, son of the above Alexander
Dutton's brother Stephen Penn Dutton, married Mary Abilene Blackwell,
daughter of Elmore Blackwell and his first wife, Susan Mathes or Mathis.
Betty Dutton Woodworth of our group is descended from James Arthur
Dutton. Also, I am told a couple of Ernest L. Dutton's siblings also
married into the Mathis family, but I haven't quite figured out how yet.
It seems like I remember seeing that the wife of George A. Dutton
(1878-1957), Arrow E. (1880-1956), was a Mathis. I think I also recall
that one of the Dutton girls married a Mathis-- I could be wrong.

I've been wondering about this Malitha Ann Dutton for some time. I
noticed a query about her on the Parker County USGenWeb page, but she
didn't appear to be an immediate relative of ours. The fact that she
fits in with the Georgia Duttons again leaves me scratching my head--
this appears to be the very same group of Duttons from Georgia who I've
found "following" our Duttons all around Alabama. Did they follow us all
the way to Texas? I've never found any direct link between this family
and ours, but I'm becoming more and more convinced that there must be a
connection somewhere.

I've been tracking a group of families in Alabama for some time that
appear not far from my Duttons in Morgan County, Walker County, and
Fayette County. They descend from Henry G. Dutton, born 1830 in Georgia,
who moved first to Fayette County, Alabama, then to Walker County for a
brief time, where a lot of our Duttons live, and then on to Morgan
County, where our Duttons first settled in Alabama. He died in 1911. His
proximity to our Duttons in all three places left me skeptical that this
just a series of coincidences. I recently traced Henry G. Dutton back to
Georgia-- he is the son of Thomas Dutton-- perhaps the same one that
this Malitha connects to?

I found this Thomas Dutton in Floyd County, Georgia in 1850. Here are my
notes on this family:

Husband: Thomas Dutton ("of Georgia")
       Birth: abt 1797       Georgia                                 
      Census: 1850           Floyd County, Georgia                   
    Marriage: bef 1829                                               
Wife: Miram ________
       Birth: abt 1809       South Carolina                          

=============================================================== 1 M Henry G. Dutton
       Birth: Jun 1830       South Carolina or Georgia               
      Census: 1850           Floyd County, Georgia                   
      Census: 1870           Chattooga County, Georgia               
      Census: 1880           Marion County, Alabama                  
      Census: 1900           Morgan County, Alabama                  
       Death: 19 Jan 1911    Lacon, Morgan County, Alabama           
    Mil unit:                Company G, 6th Georgia Infantry, CSA    
    Mil rank:                Private                                 
      Spouse: Elizabeth (Frassur) Frazier (m 29 Jan 1857)            
      Spouse: Mary C. ________ (m abt 1874)                          

 2 F Lucinda Dutton
       Birth: abt 1832                                               

 3 F Tamer Dutton
       Birth: abt 1834                                               

 4 M Richard Dutton
       Birth: abt 1836                                               
         War:                Civil War                               
    Mil unit:                Company B, 29th Ala. Inf.               

 5 M Benton E. Dutton
       Birth: abt 1838                                               

 6 M Beverly Allen Dutton
       Birth: abt 1840                                               
      Census: 1860           Cherokee County, Alabama                
      Spouse: Mary E. Green (m 16 Sep 1860)                          

 7 F Sarah E. Dutton
       Birth: abt 1841                                               

 8 M John Andrew Jackson Dutton
       Birth: abt 1843       Georgia                                
       Death: 14 Aug 1902    Morgan County, Alabama
      Census: 1870	     Morgan County, Alabama                
    Mil unit:                Company B, 29th Alabama Regiment        
         War:                Civil War                               
      Spouse: Nancy C. ________ (m bef 1870)

I don't have any record of children born after 1850; there may or may
not have been any. Does this ring any bells for anyone?

I can just see Artie grinning; here's a Benton Dutton for her. Just a
note: Floyd County and Chattooga Counties, Georgia are on the
Georgia-Alabama line right across from Cherokee and DeKalb Counties,
Alabama-- there are Dutton families in all four counties, who appear to
migrate back and forth regularly. I'm still trying to piece all of this
together-- there's just so many pieces! It doesn't appear to me that
this Thomas could be directly related to my Zachariah Dutton, but it
would make sense that he would be a relative of some sort.

Can you shed any light, Artie? Do these fit in anywhere with your

Scratching my head,
Cousin Joseph

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