Walker County Duttons and Questions

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Subject: Walker County Duttons and Questions
Date: 1999-07-05 00:13:04
Joseph:  I meant to send the message I just sent to the whole group.  I had 
sent it before I realized it went only to you.  So I am re-sending.  You can 
delete one of them
ZDutton Group:
There is a Jennifer, e-mail JensGen@aol.com who lives in Walker County who is 
a descendant of this Henry Dutton from Georgia.  She has contacted me several 
times trying to make a connection.  I put a query in the Walker County Gen. 
Soc. publication awhile back, which was also printed in the Jasper, AL 
newspaper "The Mountain Eagle. "  I did not get any responses to the queries. 
 I will forward you last posting on to her and ask her to contact you.  If 
you two compare notes, one of you might get some new information.  I have 
forgotten just how the story goes about the Walker County Dutton, a minister 
I think.  He migrated from Walker County to Arkansas where (I think) his wife 
died.  He migrated back to Walker County and died himself shortly thereafter, 
leaving several minor children who were scattered about with various 
relatives.  The men of this family died fairly young and the wives or 
descendants whom Jennifer contacted knew nothing of the Duttons.  One of the 
first queries I made in the Mountain Eagle back in the ealry 1990's about 
Duttons there produced a letter from a David Ray Dutton who lived in one of 
the neighboring Alabama counties I think from memory.  It turns out that this 
David Ray Dutton is an uncle to Jennifer.    Maybe a little more information 
will be gained from what the two of you both know.  She and I were never able 
to make a connection, but I know nothing about the Georgia Duttons.  
	A year ago Christmas when I was traveling through Hill County, TX on 
the way from a vacation in  San Antonio on our way to Florida for the winter, 
I looked up Duttons in the telephone directory.  My grandfather Sam. B. had 
lived in that county for 18 years from 1892-1911.  There was a Milford 
Dutton.  In answer to the letter I wrote to that address, his widow referred 
me to another relative in California who sent some genealogy that centered in 
Georgia before Texas.  None of it tied in with anything I have in my data 
base.  I will look that information up and send it on to you.  Perhaps you 
can see if it is related as you have more Dutton information than I do.  
	Also, for those who are interested, I am still working on the Irwin 
Family information, the family of Mary "Polly" Irwin who married James Dutton 
in Lawrence Co., AL  I will send that on to anyone who is a descendant of 
those two if they will let me know that they want it.  I know you are 
interested, Joseph, but I doubt that everyone in the ZDutton Group will be.  
I have been getting a lot of information from various Irwins, but need time 
to sort it all out and get it organized.
	On the Lawrence County Marriages, there are a few Duttons that I can 
not find a place for in my Dutton data base.  I will list those and see if 
any of them are familiar to any of you:
	Dorinda Dutton married George W. Johnson Dec 10, 1851
	Elizabeth Dutton married Robert Crayton Jan 14, 1832
	Margaret Dutton married Joseph Rhodes Nov. 22, 1823
	Mary Dutton married Samuel White Feb. 5, 1829
	Sarah Dutton married James Coulson Dec 22, 1833.

Also I think I may know where these marriages to, but want to double check it.
Caroline P. Dutton married Lissee McLamore Jan 26, 1865.  Is this the same 
Carolina that I have entered as Caroline T. Dutton, daughter of Stephen 
Dutton and Sally O'Brient.  Did I type in the wrong initial in my files?  Or 
is it the same one, and they got it wrong on the marriage record?
	Elizabeth Dutton  married Benjamin Milam jul 23 1853.  S. P. Dutton 
married Mrs. Mary NeSmith Dec 13, 1870.  Sarah M. Dutton married M/ L. 
Tanksley Jan 17, 1865..  Are these three all the children of Stephen and 
Sally O'Brient?  It makes sense to me that they are since the family was in 
Lawrence Co. during that time, but I did not have spouses for these Duttons 
and want to be sure I have it right.  Also there was a Mary Florence NeSmith 
that I have in my files as married to a Solomon Dutton, son of William 
Z.Dutton and Levina Borden.  Are these two different Mary NeSmiths or the 
same with two marriages, or did I get the wrong spouse for that Solomon when 
it should have been for Solomon P.?  William Z and Vina Borden were also 
married there so they were in the county too.  
	Enough questions now.
	I did hear from Tracy Dutton. He is from the line of George W. 
Dutton, son of James and Mary Irwin Dutton, but I don't think he knows that 
yet.  I am writing him as soon as I send this.    Till later,  Eula

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