Further speculation on Zachariah Dutton/JudithParish

From: "Rose M. Spencer" <rspencer@soark.net>
Subject: Further speculation on Zachariah Dutton/JudithParish
Date: 1999-05-06 09:26:27
Nov 1988, I received some information by email from a Robert A. Butler,
Butler@PSS.Boeing.com.  Don't know if he is a Dutton List Subscriber.  He
sent me the following on Judith Parish, second wife of Zachariah Dutton:

"I agree that Claiborne Parish married a cousin Judith Parish, but dont'
believe it was JUdith that was married a second time to Zachariah Dutton.  
The difficulty here is that there were two men named Claiborne Parish,
about the same age.  One of them was the brother of Judith Parish, the
other a cousin.   This brother was the Claiborne who married an
UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN (not Judith Parish)  I show they had at least 3
children, Woody, Humphrey and Joseph.   This Claiborne died before 1799
after which this UNNAMED spouse then married Zachariah Dutton in 1799.  
Claiborne and his sister Judith Parish were both children of David Parish
and Judith Holland, who per David's will of 1789 also had 7 other known
children (David, Booker, Sukey, Tabby, Betty, Sarah, and Ann).  Judith
Parish;s father David Parish was the son of Humphrey Parish and Mary ??.   
Judith Parish married her cousin Claiborne who was b abt 1760 and d abt
1836/;37 and was possibly the son of Anselm Parish.   Judith and Claiborne
had 8 known children (William marr Mary Jones; Christina marr Wm or Mark
Roberts; Patsy marr Seawell H. Moore; John Sion marr Celia Robards/Roberts;
Elizabeth D marr Alfred N. Jones; Beeda marr Abraham Armistead/Umstead;
Nancy marr Francis Worsham; and Mary marr Jesse Mangum).  These children
were named in his will dated 1834, several of them lived in Carroll Co. TN.
  The names Omah, Woody, Humphrey, and Joseph were not among the children
of Claiborne and Judith.  I am not aware that Hudith married again, don't
know if she died before or after Claiborne.  
Another bit of info which bears on this are the war records of the two
Claibornes and David.   David Parish and his son Claiborne served in the
Rev. War, maybe together.    The cousin Claiborne also served but in
different units and places.
I have received this info from variety of sources, inc. one who is really
good on the research but not 100% accurate on his conclusions and sometimes
a little sloppy with detail.
My connection is thru John Sion who married Celia Robards/Roberts and their
son Clairborne J. Parish who marr Judith Butler, dtr of John Butler."

Just wanted to pass this on for consideration.    Does anyone else have
anything on this possibility?

Sorry if I missed anyone.   My server is messing up and my messages come to
me with the addresses "buggered" up, i.e.  many of them have my own server
as their address in addition to the one the really use, and some of them
only show my own server as their address.     That is one of the many
reasons, I am changing my server.

Rose Spencer
new email address effec immediately   rspencer19@hotmail.com

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