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Date: 1999-07-05 18:10:25
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Dear Joseph,
It occurred to me that I may of had some data that your group may not have
so went looking through old records.  Re-read some of it, after making
statements that are contrary to what I have.  It has been awhile since I've
really been into family tree climbing, and my memory is not nearly as good
as I thought it was.  That said, let me also say that the query I listed
saying I was referring to the same James as you were talking about, was
because I had been looking at the 1850 census of Walker Co AL, and was
mixing up James with his cousin, Zachariah, (1821).   Also wanted to say
that I had a letter from a descendant of Zach's (1821) telling me that
Dutton said that "Jimmy," (1807) (Freema's name for him) and Zack, (1821)
were 1st cousins.  She did not say they were cousins in her letter of 1975,
but she did refer to a "Jimmy."  But a later letter from the descendant did
state that Freema had said they were cousins.  I also have some data from
descendant & her spouse, that I am enclosing in the attachment.  Descendant:
Brenda (Dutton) Brannan.
By the way, I am so delighted with how much further you have progressed with
this line.  And really enjoy receiving the fruits of all your extra
endeavors.  I really need to study what all your shooting out to us.  When
you go on the rootsweb-L are you going to have everyone list their line of
descent?  If so, I will prepare an outline of Levi's family and Catherine's,
thru her son Dallas.
I have a marriage record for another Dutton in Cherokee Co TX:  L.W. Dutton
to Matilda Cox,
7th of April 1854.  But did not find them on the census?  And I have one for
J.A. DUTTON to Miss M.A. BLACKWELL, on 24th Sept 1893.
6 in Chamber Co TX:  Henry DUTTON to Amilda GRIFFITH, 11, Aug 1886; Henry
DUTTON to Mary J. ATWELL, 16 Apr 1890; J.U. DUTTON to Ada J. LAWRENCE, 31,
May 1882; Martha DUTTON to Elmer H. FISHER, 1, Jan 1896; SOL A. DUTTON to
Lina A. BARBER, 16 Feb 1898 and Willie Katherine DUTTON to Wm Moore KILGORE,
14 Jun 1899.
Lamar Co TX:  J.C. DUTTON to J.S. STEWARD, 23 Dec 1874.


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