Re: ZDUTTON Discussion Group? (Test post)

From: Kaye Shirah <>
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON Discussion Group? (Test post)
Date: 1998-07-03 11:45:39
Richardson wrote:
> Friends, Duttons, Countrymen,
> Lend me your ears. :>
> It occurred to me a while back that we might start a Zachariah Dutton
> discussion group--kind of a mailing list forum in which we could share
> data, compare notes, post queries, and keep each other posted as to our
> research. It might be the only mailing list you receive that actually has
> anything useful on it!
> Anyway, I buried the idea for a while, but I did get some positive
> feedback, so I thought I would try it out again.
> I've got the list put together. I'll organize it if anyone wants to "join".
> If you're receiving this e-mail, you're in truth already "on the list" as
> it stands. If you have a problem with this, of if you're just not
> interested, just let me know. I know I'm mailing some of you at work. The
> list would mail once every day or two or three, probably at least once a
> week. It'll probably be manual on my part, at least for a while--not like
> the ROOTS-L lists where you just send it in and everyone gets it back. It
> may be a lot of work (may not be), but I'm willing to do it if you're
> willing to contribute.
> Questions? Comments? Complaints?
> Thanks,
> Joseph Thomas Richardson

Good Morning Joseph,

You're a genius!!  I love the discussion group.  You are right though, 
because of my B-U-S-Y life, I don't know how much I will be able to 
contribute, BUT KEEP ME ON THE LIST FOR SURE.  For awhile, I'll probably 
be a "silent" cousin.  I've enjoyed reading all the mail from other 
cousins already, and it's fascinating how you've joined us together.  
Keep up the great work!  And I WILL be in touch, and....

Hi Y'all from:

Kaye Sands Shirah
556 Shadowmoor Circle
Thomson, Georgia  30824 (40 East of Augusta, GA)

Mother:	Patricia Jane Austin
GM:	Alma Inez Dutton
GGF:	Reason Dutton
GGGF:	William Zachariah Dutton
GGGGF:	Stephen P. Dutton
GGGGGF:	William Zachariah Dutton

Myra, I obtained the above lineage info from Glenn Dutton, whom I met 
about 3 years ago.  What a gem!  I've been wondering how to get directly 
in touch with you...guess I am now!

I will contribute when I can, but for awhile, I'll just be reading, 
learning and updating my info!! Thanks to everyone for their interest!!


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