Some Dutton Questions

Subject: Some Dutton Questions
Date: 1999-07-17 21:41:30
Dear Darlene and all Dutton cousins,
	In reviewing some of the notes that you sent me, Darlene, I have a 
question or two.  "The 1830 census of Granville Co NC shows only Stephen and 
Matilda Dutton, both listed on page 5.  Matilda is listed with 2 white 
females ages 20-30 and there is also 1 white male under 5, belonging, no 
doubt to one of the younger females. "  
Question: Anyone have any idea who the two females could have been.  There 
was a sister Elizabeth that would fall in that age.  But I did not find any 
possibilities of other sisters or sisters-in-law still in NC that looked 
Question:  I do not have a spouse for Matilda or for that sister, Elizabeth.  
Did I miss something that was sent on e-mail last year?  Or is there no other 
information known on Elizabeth and Matilda?  
Darlene sent  "GRANVILLE CO NC Court Minutes, pp. 283-284, 1746-1820;  
Zachariah, Judith and Howel Dutton to William M. SNEED for 374 and 1/8 acres.
Question:  Anyone have any idea or theory as to who this Howel Dutton is?  
Darlene wondered if Howel was a son b. abt 1774 and died before 1828 and 
Matilda was his wife??
The 1830 census of Granville Co. NC showed Stephen Dutton, with l w/m under 5 
(This could be Samuel, born ca 1830) 1 w/m 30/40 (That would be Stephen), 1 
w/f 20/30 (That would be Sally O'Brient Dutton), 1 w/f under 5 (Caroline T. 
b. ca 1828), 1 w/f 5/10 (Elizabeth b. ca 1825), and 1 w/f 10/15?
Question:  I have no child of Stephen that fits this.   Did I fail to get all 
his children?  In addition to ones accounted for in the census above, I have 
the oldest son as William Zachariah b. 1823 md Levina Borden in 1851 in Lawr. 
Co. AL; Solomon, b. ca 1833 md Mrs. Mary NeSmith in 1870 in Lawrence Co. AL; 
and Sarah M., b. 1840 md M. L. Tanksley in Lawr.  Co in 1865.
Question:  Darlene's notes indicated that somewhere she had read where 
Stephen, Son of Zack, Sr., md twice, both times to a Sarah O'Brien/O'Briant.  
Anyone have an explanation or comment on that?  The same Sarah (Sally) O'B or 
two different women by that name????

Anyone having any any additional information that bear on any of the above 
questions, I would appreciate hearing from you.           Thanks, Eula

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