ZDUTTON – Rotten luck

From: Richardson <richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON – Rotten luck
Date: 1999-07-09 10:16:54
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I was surfing last night when I ran across a query from another cousin,
and I nearly exploded from excitement. She was the first descendant I
had found from Alexander D. Dutton, who went to Texas and later Oklahoma
(as you recall, I found his grave site just last week). But luck would
have it that something would go wrong-- either she somehow messed up her
return address, or her AOL account has somehow been zapped in the week
since this message was posted. Anyhow, I wrote a long, heart-felt
introduction, only to have it kicked back-- and boy, I was mad.

I meant to post a reply to the message board on which I found the query,
but it was late and I was being bugged to go to bed. Chances are,
anyway, that she wouldn't get that either, with an incorrect return
address (or whatever). So let's hope that somehow we can get into
contact with this lady; this query introduces a new line into the
family. (Any of you on AOL, I would appreciate it if you would do a
manhunt on the Member Directory, and try to track down what happened
with this lady's address.)

Cousin Joe

Here's the original query, posted on the GenConnect GenBBS Dutton
surname message board-- the only Dutton query on the board, by the way,
as it is brand-new. The address is

> Sara Dutton 
>                      Posted by MiMi <txomc2@aol.com> on Fri, 02 Jul 1999
>                                    Surname: Dutton-Price
>      I am searching for information on Sarah Francis Dutton who married Thomas Harris Price on
>      09-18-1881.
>      Sara was born 10/09/1862 believed in Mobile,ALA. to Alexander and Martha (Hampton) Dutton.
>      Any information would be greatly appreciated.
>      Thanks,
>      MiMi

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Subject: Alexander Dutton
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> I am searching for information on Sarah Francis Dutton who married Thomas Harris Price on
>      09-18-1881.
>      Sara was born 10/09/1862 believed in Mobile,ALA. to Alexander and Martha (Hampton) Dutton.


I about jumped out of my chair when I ran across your query. I really
didn't even expect there to be a DUTTON message board on GenConnect yet,
let alone to find any messages posted--but what do I find? Apparently, a
new cousin.

My name is Joseph Thomas Richardson. I am a Dutton researcher in
Alabama. I recognize the names in your query-- I think I know who your
Duttons are.

Does your Dutton connection begin in Texas? Or perhaps Oklahoma? I mean,
is that where your Sarah Frances Dutton married Thomas Harris Price? For
the Alexander Dutton I know was born in Alabama, and migrated to Texas
in 1880, moving on to Oklahoma shortly before he died in 1904. His wife
was indeed Martha Hampton, who lived to the ripe old age of 90 before
she died in 1931. They are buried in the Leon Cemetery in Love County,
Oklahoma-- this information, by the way, I ran across in the USGenWeb
FTP Archives just last week-- that's when I REALLY jumped out of my
chair. I have been searching for the fate of Alexander and Martha Dutton
for over two years now-- and in just two weeks, I discover first their
burial site, and now, apparently, a descendant.

Your date matches-- I have in my database one Frances Dutton, born ca.
1863, the daughter of Alexander Dutton. The place, sadly, is a few
hundred miles off, but I've found that that is one of the first facts
lost when one's ancestor leaves his "home" for a far-off land. My
Alexander Dutton was born and raised in Lawrence County, Alabama, in the
northern part of the state-- near a town called Moulton. It wouldn't be
that hard for Mobile, a much more well-known city, to pass down as the
birthplace of your ancestor. (By the way, last year I came into contact
with a descendant of Alexander Dutton's brother Stephen Penn Dutton, who
had heard that he was born in Birmingham, Alabama.)

One thing I should say: if my records are correct, Frances Dutton, born
ca. 1863, is not the daughter of Martha Jane Hampton Dutton, but of her
older sister, Sarah Elizabeth Hampton Dutton-- the first wife of
Alexander Dutton. Alexander and Sarah Elizabeth were married in 1849 in
Lawrence County. Sarah died about 1867; Frances is apparently her last
child. Alexander and Martha were married in 1868 in Lawrence County, and
she is the mother of Alexander's younger set of children.

Do you have any other information on your Alexander and Martha? I have a
wealth of information on the family of Alexander's parents,
grandparents, brothers, sisters, and cousins-- but very little on him or
his family, as he moved away and left very little trace here. His oldest
son, William Richard Dutton, did stay in Alabama and raise a large
family in Wren, just south of Moulton. Do you have any of the names of
your Sarah Frances' brothers and sisters? Any information you have would
put us one step closer to establishing a definite link.

If nothing else, I'd like to hear what you know about Sarah Frances and
Thomas Harris Price. Where were they married? Where did they live, and
die? Who were their children, grandchildren, and so on? Where do you fit

I'm looking so forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,
Joseph Thomas Richardson
Decatur, Ala.



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