Walker Co. Heritage Book

From: ECol91234@aol.com
Subject: Walker Co. Heritage Book
Date: 1999-07-11 01:34:56
Dear Dutton cousins:
	Yesterday I received my Heritage of Walker County, Alabama book.  It 
has several articles about Duttons.  A friend in the Irwin group zeroxed the 
pages from the Heritage of Morgan County book that pertained to Duttons and 
Irwins and sent to me.  I will be willing to do the same for anyone in the 
group that wants copies of stories if you will let me know and send me your 
mailing address.  There are several stories of William Dutton, son of James 
and Mary, and several of William's sons--also a story about Zachariah and 
Mary Emily Rushing.  There may be other family names you are interested in.  
Margaret, there are several Lollar family stories, for example.  I have 
already written Rose so she will get a double dose of this message.   Love, 

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