ZDUTTON – Stephen Dutton family, and Lawrence Co. Marriages

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Subject: ZDUTTON – Stephen Dutton family, and Lawrence Co. Marriages
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In answer to Eula's questions regarding Stephen Dutton and
his family:

Eula wrote:
> The 1830 census of Granville Co. NC showed Stephen
> Dutton, with 1 w/m under 5 (This could be Samuel,
> born ca 1830) 1 w/m 30/40 (That would be Stephen),
> 1 w/f 20/30 (That would be Sally O'Brient Dutton),
> 1 w/f under 5 (Caroline T. b. ca 1828), 1 w/f 5/10
> (Elizabeth b. ca 1825), and 1 w/f 10/15?

> Question:  I have no child of Stephen that fits this.
> Did I fail to get all his children?  In addition to 
> ones accounted for in the census above, I have 
> the oldest son as William Zachariah b. 1823
> md Levina Borden in 1851 in Lawr. Co. AL; 
> Solomon, b. ca 1833 md Mrs. Mary NeSmith in 1870
> in Lawrence Co. AL; and Sarah M., b. 1840 
> md M. L. Tanksley in Lawr.  Co in 1865.
> Question:  Darlene's notes indicated that somewhere 
> she had read where Stephen, Son of Zack, Sr., 
> md twice, both times to a Sarah O'Brien/O'Briant.  
> Anyone have an explanation or comment on that?  
> The same Sarah (Sally) O'B or two different 
> women by that name????

Eula wrote:
> On the Lawrence County Marriages, there are a few 
> Duttons that I can not find a place for in my 
> Dutton data base.  I will list those and see if
> any of them are familiar to any of you:

>   Dorinda Dutton married George W. Johnson Dec 10, 1851
>   Elizabeth Dutton married Robert Crayton Jan 14, 1832
>   Margaret Dutton married Joseph Rhodes Nov. 22, 1823
>   Mary Dutton married Samuel White Feb. 5, 1829
>   Sarah Dutton married James Coulson Dec 22, 1833.
> Also I think I may know where these marriages to, 
> but want to double check it.

> Caroline P. Dutton married Lissee McLamore Jan 26, 1865.
> Is this the same Carolina that I have entered 
> as Caroline T. Dutton, daughter of Stephen Dutton
> and Sally O'Brient.  Did I type in the wrong initial in
> my files? Or is it the same one, and they got it wrong
> on the marriage record?

> Elizabeth Dutton  married Benjamin Milam Jul 23 1853.
> S. P. Dutton married Mrs. Mary NeSmith Dec 13, 1870.
> Sarah M. Dutton married M. L. Tanksley Jan 17, 1865.

> Are these three all the children of Stephen and 
> Sally O'Brient?  It makes sense to me that they are 
> since the family was in Lawrence Co. during that time,
> but I did not have spouses for these Duttons 
> and want to be sure I have it right.
> Also there was a Mary Florence NeSmith that I have
> in my files as married to a Solomon Dutton, son of 
> William Z.Dutton and Levina Borden.  Are these two
> different Mary NeSmiths or the same with two marriages,
> or did I get the wrong spouse for that Solomon when 
> it should have been for Solomon P.?  William Z and
> Vina Borden were also married there so they were in the
> county too.  
> Enough questions now.

Regarding the 1830 census entry of Stephen Dutton, Eula is
right-- we don't have a complete record of his children. The
only ones I know anything about are the ones that were on
the census in Lawrence County in 1850. If there were any
that married in North Carolina, died before they came to
Alabama, or migrated elsewhere, chances are we've forgotten
about them. Here is my interpretation of the 1830 census:

Stephen Dutton
	1 male under 5 = I suspect this is William Z. Dutton,
despite the slight disparity in his age. I don't think
Samuel was born yet.
	1 male 30-40 = Stephen Dutton
	1 female 20-30 = Sarah O'Brient Dutton
	1 female under 5  = Caroline Dutton
	1 female 5-10 = Elizabeth Dutton
	1 female 10-15 = an unknown daughter, probably the oldest

I am pretty sure there are other unidentified children, as
well, but as there is no census listing for Stephen in 1840,
I'm not sure exactly how many.

As far as I know, Stephen was only married once, to Sarah
"Sally" O'Brient /O'Bryant /O'Briant /O'Brian /O'Bryan
/O'Brien (who knows how to spell it?) I've found no record
suggesting otherwise. She is the woman he is listed with on
the 1850 and 1860 censuses. She apparently died between 1860
and 1866, as she is not listed on the 1866 Special Census of
Alabama. Stephen died on 24 Mar 1878, and there is no sign
that he ever remarried.

The O'Briant/O'Bryant/etc. family was a fairly large family
in Granville County, which ties in at several points in one
of my other lines, the FRAZER-FRAZIER family of Granville
County. I've tried several times without success to tie this
Sarah O'Briant into the family. I even talked to a O'Briant
family researcher, who couldn't find where she fit in.

NOTE: Something I meant to mention last night in my
dissertation on the Parrishes-- I have no solid evidence
linking Omah Parrish, wife of John Dutton, to Claiborn and
Judith Parrish-- the Judith that married second Zachariah.
The Parrishes, also were a large family in Granville County
(who also tie into my FRAZIERs) and Omah could have come
from any branch of them. I think the bit of John Dutton
marrying his step-sister was just a speculative musing on my
part that may have slipped in as fact at some point. Sorry.

Caroline Dutton, daughter of Stephen and Sarah, indeed had a
middle initial of "P", not "T". That's a pretty common
transcription error, though; I think I had to go back and
re-read the 1850 census five or six times before I got all
the initals right.

The marriage records online at the Lawrence County USGenWeb
page are incomplete, and can be quite misleading. You were
right in several of your assumptions, though. The problem
with records in Lawrence County, however, is that a lot of
the early marriages were sent down to Montgomery at some
point, and never heard from again until just recently, when
Myra Borden, our cousin and the Lawrence County Archivist,
went down there and tracked them down.

>   Dorinda Dutton married George W. Johnson Dec 10, 1851
The only place I've ever seen this marriage record is in the
online marriage index-- I've never seen it in any index in
Lawrence County. I don't know where it came from, but if
anyone could figure out, I'd be quite interested. In any
case, I have absolutely no idea who this is-- neither name
fits in with any family I know of in Lawrence County.

>   Elizabeth Dutton married Robert Crayton Jan 14, 1832
>   Margaret Dutton married Joseph Rhodes Nov. 22, 1823
>   Mary Dutton married Samuel White Feb. 5, 1829
>   Sarah Dutton married James Coulson Dec 22, 1833.
>   Elizabeth Dutton  married Benjamin Milam Jul 23 1853.
The five names all have one explanation: the "other" Samuel
Dutton in Lawrence County-- the one from Kentucky, with no
relation at all to Zachariah. Margaret, Sarah, and the
Elizabeth who married Robert Crayton are all children of
that Samuel Dutton, who married Ellender Owens. The other
two names are lacking a vital element in the online index--
both the Mary Dutton who married Samuel White and the
Elizabeth Dutton who married Benjamin Milam should have read
"Mrs."-- they were widows of Samuel Dutton's children. Mrs.
Mary Dutton was the widow of Samuel's son Thomas Dutton
Sr.-- her maiden name was BROOKS. Thomas DUTTON Sr. and Mary
BROOKS were the parents of Thomas Dutton Jr., who moved to
Itawamba Co., Miss., married Mary Catherine BATES, and moved
on to Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas. They are the ancestors of
Sonya Mims of our group. Mrs. Elizabeth G. Dutton was the
widow of Samuel's son Aaron Dutton, who also moved to
Itawamba Co., Miss., and died there. Elizabeth then returned
with their daughter, Laura J. Dutton, and lived with her
parents, until she re-married to Benjamin J. MILAM. She was
a THRELKELD or THURLKILL, the daughter of Phillip THRELKELD
Sr. and Elizabeth CARTER; Phillip Threlkeld was born in
Virginia. Interestingly, I remember reading in the
THREADGILL Book that THREADGILL is an early variant of
THRELKELD or THURLKILL. So, quite possibly, these Threlkelds
here are distant cousins of James, Judy, and Billie of our
group-- the Samuel Dutton in Lawrence County, who we say is
not related at all, actually ends up to have an indirect

>    Caroline P. Dutton married Lissee McLamore Jan 26, 1865.
>    Sarah M. Dutton married M. L. Tanksley Jan 17, 1865.
>    S. P. Dutton married Mrs. Mary NeSmith Dec 13, 1870.

Eula, you're right about these three-- they're all the
children of our Stephen and Sarah Dutton. 
Caroline's husband's name was "Jesse" A. McLemore-- but J's
and L's looked a lot alike in these records. I think this
one was wrong on the online transcription. I've seen the
original record; and I can see how it could have happened.
Sarah's husband was Milton L. Tanksley.
The S. P. here is Stephen's son Solomon P. Dutton Sr., not
to be mistaken with his nephew Solomon Peter Dutton (son of
William Zachariah Dutton) who also married a Nesmith-- but
from a different group of Nesmiths. (Solomon "Sol" P. Jr. is
the grandfather of Dale Brown of our group.)

Now that I've cleared up a few of your questions, let me
give a brief, updated overview of Stephen Dutton's family.

Stephen Dutton, born ca. 1792 in Charles County, Maryland
[Date from 1850 census]
Died 24 Mar 1878 near Wren or Pin Hook, Lawrence County,
Alabama [from obituary]
Married on 23 Sep 1818 in Granville Co., N.C. [from marriage
record] to
Sarah "Sally" O'Briant, born ca. 1802 in North Carolina,
presumably Granville Co. [date from 1850 census]
Died between 1860 and 1866 in Lawrence County, Alabama.
[date from 1866 and 1870 census]
Both are believed to be buried in the old Roberts-Reneau
Cemetery at Wren, Lawrence County, Alabama, in unmarked
graves. [family sources]
Stephen Dutton is believed to have served in the War of 1812
in M. M. Payne's U.S. Artillery, per a record in the War of
1812 Pension Index. He filed no pension documents in
Alabama, so as yet, I have little data to back this up.

Children: [as listed in my database]

1. Unidentified Daughter, born ca. 1819 in Granville County,
North Carolina-- not listed in parents' household in 1850,
so either married or dead? [From 1820 and 1830 censuses,
Granville Co., N.C.]

2. William Zachariah Dutton, born 10 Jul 1822 in Granville
Co., N.C., died 30 Aug 1901 at Parkertown, Lawrence County,
Alabama. [Both dates from obituary] Married 20 Dec 1851 to
Lavina (pronounced Lavinia) Jane BORDEN, daughter of Jesse
Lay BORDEN and Senia FLANNAGIN. She was born 11 Mar 1833 in
Lawrence Co., Ala., and died in January 1929. [Tombstone and
family records] "Vina" was buried in the Parkertown Church
Cemetery, now known as Union Hill Primitive Baptist Church
Cemetery. This cemetery was apparently not in existence in
1901, so William Z. Dutton was carried to Wren and buried at
Roberts-Reneau Cemetery, presumably with his parents and
other family members. In about 1994, after many years of
talk from children and grandchildren, Glenn Dutton, a
great-grandson, had William Z. Dutton's remains moved to
Union Hill Cemetery to be with his wife. William Zachariah
Dutton served in the War Between The States as a Private in
Company B, 4th Alabama Cavalry, Roddy's Brigade. Had 11
children, 8 that lived to adulthood.

3. Elizabeth Dutton, born ca. 1825 in Granville Co., N.C.
[from 1850 census]. Died in 1856 in Lawrence Co., Ala.,
probably in childbirth [from family records of McVay
family.] She married on 15 Oct 1855 to John Anderson McVAY,
son of Zadock McVAY and Winneford SMITH. She was his third
of five wives. John Anderson McVAY was born 9 Nov 1818 in
Mooresville, Limestone County, Alabama, and died on 11 Jan
1897 in Lawrence County, Alabama. [from McVay records,
primarily ENGLAND-MCVAY book by Clara Neal Hodge.] Elizabeth
Dutton bore one child to John McVay: Sarah E. McVay, born 19
Sep 1856 in Lawrence County, died in early infancy, sometime
before 1860. [from McVay Bible records.] Elizabeth (Dutton)
McVay and her daughter Sarah E. McVay are buried in unmarked
graves in the John A. McVay Family Cemetery in Lawrence
County, alongside John's 1st, 2nd, and 4th wives, and their
infant children. John Anderson McVay was millwright and
owned and operated a gristmill. He was elected several times
as Justice of the Peace, and served as a Deputy Sheriff of
Lawrence County under Sheriff Phillip Dale Roddy, who later
became General Phillip Dale Roddy, commander of a Cavalry
Brigade and later a Division in the War Between The States.
John McVay served in the Alabama Militia, and worked his way
up through the ranks, holding the rank of Captain at the
start of the Civil War. He was later promoted to Major and
then to Colonel of a militia regiment. John and his 5th
wife, Martha Ann Oden, are buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery in
Bankhead National Forest, in Winston County just past the
Lawrence County line. John and Martha's children and
grandchildren tie back into the Dutton family in a couple of
places later on.

4. Caroline P. Dutton was born 18 Mar 1828 in Granville
County, North Carolina [from a biographical sketch in THE
MOULTON ADVERTISER] and died between 1910 and 1920 in
Lawrence County, Alabama. She married 26 Jan 1865 to Jesse
A. McLEMORE, born 26 Aug 1820 in Lincoln County, Tennessee,
died 22 Apr 1891 in Lawrence County, Alabama. They lived and
Wren, and Jesse is buried in an unmarked grave at the
Roberts-Reneau Cemetery; it is believed Caroline is buried
there as well, although in later years she lived with her
brother William Z. Dutton and his children in Parkertown,
Lawrence County. Caroline and Jesse had no children
together, but she helped raise his seven children by his
first wife, Elizabeth D. BLIZZARD, daughter of Thomas
BLIZZARD. Jesse served in the War Between The States as an
independent scout for Confederate troops. He was an active
member of the Moulton Masonic Lodge and was given a full
Masonic funeral after his death, which was widely attended.

5. Lucy Dutton (???) Born ca. 1830 in North Carolina? [from
1870 census.] A Lucy Dutton appears in the household of
William Zachariah Dutton on the 1870 census, which was
already confusing enough as it was! She was listed right
after William and before Vina-- a single female born in
North Carolina, age 40. The only conclusion I can draw is
that this is William's sister, who somehow managed to elude
the census-taker until 1870. 

6. Edmund Dutton (???) Born ca. 1830 in North Carolina?
[from 1870 census.] An Edmund Dutton, age 40, appears living
in Moulton on the 1870 census, a couple of pages after
Samuel Dutton. I tend to believe that this Edmund and Samuel
may be the same person, but have no way to prove or disprove
this theory.

7. Samuel D. E(dmund???) Dutton, born ca. 1830/31 in North
Carolina. [from 1870 and 1880 censuses.] Appeared on 1850
census in Stephen's household, then disappeared; reappeared
in 1870 and 1880. He is listed on the 1870 census in
Moulton, age 40, and a couple of pages later, an Edmund
Dutton is listed, age 40-- with, interestingly, the exact
same dollar value of estate as this Samuel. It appears he
may have been counted twice, and used two different names--
for what reason, I haven't a clue, unless he wanted to vote
twice! Samuel Dutton married on 21 Oct 1858 to Matilda C.
Norwood, daughter of George NORWOOD and Priscilla McDANIEL.
He ("Samuel") is listed in 1870 with Matilda and one son;
"Edmund" is living alone, however. Matilda was born 15 Nov
1840 in Mount Hope, Lawrence County, Alabama [from pension
records]. Samuel and Matilda appear again in 1880, still
living in Moulton. Their one son, James A., born February
1866, is not a natural son-- he is apparently adopted,
referred to on the 1880 census as "foster son". Matilda
claimed on later censuses that she had no children living
(on one census, if I read it correctly, it appears she said
9 children were born, and none survived.) I believe James A.
Dutton may have moved to Texas-- there is a James A. Dutton,
born 1866 in Alabama, on the 1900 Texas census in Palo Pinto
S. D. E. Dutton [full name from military and pension
records] served as a Sergeant in Company B, 4th Alabama
Cavalry, Roddy's Brigade. He was active in veterans' groups
following the War and helped to organize several reunions of
his company as well as a Veterans' Association in Lawrence
County. He received a military pension in the 1890's, and he
and Matilda moved to Decatur, Morgan County sometime during
this period. According to pension records, Samuel died on 4
Nov 1897, probably in Decatur. Matilda is shown in 1900
living with her nephew Solomon P. Dutton Jr. (son of W.Z.)
who was also living in Decatur at the time. She was living
with her brother Jonathan H. Norwood in Oakville, Lawrence
Co., in 1910. Her widow's pension file states she died on 5
Aug 1915. An obituary in THE MOULTON ADVERTISER reveals she
was living with another relative, her sister Nancy M.
(NORWOOD) and her husband J. B. SOUTHERN, when she died. The
burial places of both Samuel and Matilda are unknown.

8. Solomon P. Dutton, Sr. was born 11 Dec 1832, either in
North Carolina or Alabama-- most censuses says Alabama [from
1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses; and obituary]. He died
18 Aug 1880 at Wren, Lawrence County, Alabama [from
obituary]. He married on 13 Dec 1870 to Mrs. Mary A.
NESMITH. Her maiden name is unknown. Lawrence Co. marriage
records show a Mary A. M. PLANT marrying Alexander NESMITH
on 11 Mar 1866-- I had assumed this was her, but I'm not
convinced. On the 1880 census, Sol and his wife Mary have
three children, as well as one step-child (Sol's step-child,
Mary's child) named Mary ALEXANDER, b. ca. 1869. So it would
appear that either (a) Sol's wife was married more than
twice-- at least once to an ALEXANDER, who fathered this
Mary, and then immediately to a NESMITH ca. 1869; and then
in 1870 to Solomon Dutton; or (b) the census taker listed
the wrong name for this step-child-- perhaps her name was
Mary Alexander NESMITH, named for her father, Alexander
NESMITH? Mrs. Mary A. (Nesmith) DUTTON was born 25 Dec 1843
in Alabama and died 9 Jan 1936 at Wren, Lawrence County,
Alabama. She is buried at Montgomery Cemetery, Wren, and Sol
is believed to be buried with his parents at Roberts-Reneau
Cemetery at Wren. Their three children were Walter (b. ca.
1872/73, probably died young), John Thomas (30 Oct 1873-22
May 1947), who married Addie V. PARKER, and Minnie Lee (1
Jan 1876-26 Nov 1940), who married Henry W. PARKER. (There
may have been one or more unknown children who died in

9. Sarah Morris Dutton, born ca. 1840 in Lawrence County
[from 1850 and 1860 censuses], Alabama, died 24 Jun 1902 in
Wren, Lawrence County, Alabama [from obituary]. She married
on 17 Jan 1865 to Milton L. Tanksley, son of Joseph and Mary
Tanksley. She was his second wife; his first, interestingly
was Mary H. KITCHENS, who I've so far been unable to connect
to the other Kitchens. He had two children, James R. and
Charles Hickey, by Mary Kitchens, and four by Sarah Dutton.
Sarah's middle name comes from the 1860 census, in which she
is listed as Sarah Morris; as she was still unmarried, I can
only assume that Morris was her middle name (she is listed
on all other records as Sarah M. Dutton). Milton L. Tanksley
was ca. 1840 in Georgia, and died between 1900 and 1910 in
Wren, Lawrence County. He also served in the 4th Alabama
Cavalry, Roddy's Brigade. It is believed that Milton and
Sarah are buried at the Roberts-Reneau Cemetery, where three
of their four children are also buried. Their children were:
Henry Edd (Edmund perhaps?) Tanksley (15 Oct 1865-10 Dec
1940), never married; Solomon Pinkney Tanskley (2 Mar
1868-12 Jan 1946), who married Harriet K. McVAY, daughter of
John Anderson McVay and 5th wife Martha Ann Oden; a
daughter, S. (Sarah?) C. Tanksley, born ca. 1870, married W.
T. Sheats on 5 Aug 1894 in Lawrence County; and Stephen J.
Tanksley (20 Nov 1875-2 Apr 1951), married Leona Jane
Charine DeMASTERS, daughter of Morris H. and Susan

Whew! Any questions? Comments?

I hope to hear from everybody (and the RootsWeb people) real

Cousin Joseph

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