Re: ZDUTTON – Roots Update, Thanks, and Some Questions Answered

Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – Roots Update, Thanks, and Some Questions Answered
Date: 1999-07-20 15:05:57
Dutton cousins:
It's going to take me a while to look into this Dutton-Parrish connection but 
I believe that at least the fundamental truths to be is that Z. Dutton 
married Judith Parrish(his second wife) and they had no children.  According 
to family legend (which I had heard before I became interested in my family 
tree) was that S.S. Dutton had hit his MOTHER-IN-LAW and had to leave.  I am 
sorry I don't have any more than this to share other than a connection with 
this David Young whose name keeps popping up.I have misplaced some documents 
that I believe will shed some light on this individual.  If I am correct 
S.S.Dutton went into the Army 'for David Young (this was something quite 
common in those days) during the War of 1812.  He couldn't have been 
Zachariah's and Judith's child because he would have been to young at this 
I,ll try to find something to back me up on this.
I,m going to go to Granville Co. before long and try to connect some loose 
ends.  As soon as I can find out the real story I,ll pass it on.


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