Re: ZDUTTON-LM – New member – please add Artie

From: <>
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON-LM – New member – please add Artie
Date: 1998-07-03 12:35:20
Hi Cousins

Welcome Artie...........

Artie and I have been cousins/e-mail buddies for years.  We go for very long
periods of time without a word (I believe Artie may still be too far away from
a server and has to pay long distance charges still....I am not sure....if so
someone maybe able to offer a suggestion around this....I think that AOL has
800 #s now to avert this), then one of us comes up with something and it is
like time never went by.  But that is the way it is with good cousins and good
friends....right?  Artie, as I said before, is one of these serious
researchers.  She travels to different places looking for stuff and she has
some neat stories. I believe that Artie introduced me to sweet cousin, Susie.
So...I introduce a dear cousin and fellow researcher....Artie.

Artie, have you sent your profile in yet?

Artie sent me 23 pages of info on Duttons.  It downloaded great and the whole
pages can be read on screen, however, when I try to print it off it drops
three or four words on the end because it is too large.  I tried the "help"
but no help.  It came in under "Paint" any suggestions?

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