From: (Darlene Cole)
Date: 1999-07-21 11:14:05
This is a copy of the marriage contract between Zack Sr and Judith Parish,
that was obtained from the GRANVILLE CO  COURTHOUSE.  A COPY, NOT THE
ORIGINAL.  Clerks/Scribes re-wrote all records and later sent copies to the
capitols.    So it?s possible to have a document saying different things.

Know all men by these presents that we ZACHARIAH DUTTON and Leonard
HENDERSON are held and firmly bound unto his Excellancy, Benj. SMITH Esq.,
Governor-Capt., and Commander-in-chief of the State aforesaid.  Of the full
& inst., sum of Six hundred pounds of current money to be paid to his said
Excellancy, the Governor, his sucessors(sic) to which payment well and truly
to be done.  (Exactly as written, spelling & all)
We bind Our selves, Our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns
jointley and severally, personaly by this presents stated with our Seals and
dated this 23rd day of November in the XXII (22nd) year of it?s independence
of said state, A.D.
The conditions of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound,
ZACHARIAH DUTTON, hath made application for license for marriage to be
celebrated between him and JUDITH PARISH of the county and state aforesaid.
Now in case it shall not appear hereafter that there is any lawful course to
obstruct the said marriage intended to be solomenized then the above
obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

  Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of:
  JAMES SNEED, clerk.

        Z A C H A R I A H   D U T T O N
        L.   H E N D E R S O N


  14, December 1799, AD

     Between ZACHARIAH DUTTON and JUDITH PARISH, relict and
  widow of CLABORNE PARRISH, deceased.  (One r for Judith?s last name, two r
?s for Claborne)
Whereas they are about to enter the Holy State of Matrimony and are desirous
of enjoying  their estates jointly during their marriage status.
They doth hereby covenant and agree mutually that their estates shall be
held jointly during their coverture (sic) but on the decease of JUDITH or
decease of ZACHARIAH  that each doth hereby covenant and agree to relinquish
all his or her rights, titles, claims and interests which he or she may have
in and to the estate of the other or their heirs  which he or she may be
entitled to at his or her decease.
In Testimony whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto set their
hands and SEALS, the day and year above written.

Signed and Sealed by  Z A C H A R I A H   D U T T O N
                                     J U D I T H   P A R R I S H  (2 r?s)

  Teste: John HALL
          Leonard BRANSON, Jurat
  Ordered to be recorded at MAY COURT 1800
   Signed,??Teste,   LWS SNEED, Clerk. (sic)

Note:  WILLIAM M. SNEED, was Granville County Clerk, who qualified in FEB of
(Per Gwynn?s Granville Co NC Court Minutes, 1746-1820, pp. 181.  Dwc.)

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