Re: ZDUTTON – Re: Frying pan

Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – Re: Frying pan
Date: 1999-07-22 16:04:12
Sorry about the mistake.  It was his Step-Mother instead of his Mother in Law.
The story goes that they had a fight where he got mad and hit her with the 
frying pan.  As a result of this he either had to leave of left on his own.  
It is told that he came to Anson Co. on his way to Charleston and stayed at 
the Threadgill household.  He met his future wife and after some writing back 
and forth while he was in S.C. (after he left Charlston he went to Horry Co) 
he later came back to Anson Co. and stayed here.  The Threadgills were big 
landowners at the time and this may have helped him make up his mind to stay.


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