Re: ZDUTTON – James, son of James and Mary Dutton

From: (Darlene Cole)
Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – James, son of James and Mary Dutton
Date: 1999-07-23 19:51:15
Dutton and Erwin researchers,
Here is someone I thought you all might like to meet.  Her spouse, Tracy, is
a DUTTON who descends from the couple Joseph and Eula are referring to in
this last message, and his wife, Dana's maiden name is PARRISH.  Now is that
a coincidence or what?  And they are  looking for data on Zack Sr.  I
believe James sent the message to this group for someone of us to help
AND... I wanted to say how much I AGREE with Joseph regarding reading census
records.  Read them yourself and re-read them if possible.  Actually if it's
available, and a clear census original is available on microfilm,  the
photo-copied census is really great.  But getting to know all the neighbors
of the clan you are researching can be a big help in placing kinfolk with
the same name with the correct family.  Anytime you have difficulty in
accepting something you believe to be incorrect or not the way it came to
you, then re-read the census if at all possible.


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