Re: ZDUTTON – James, son of James and Mary Dutton

Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – James, son of James and Mary Dutton
Date: 1999-07-24 00:42:28
Yes, that makes sense.  I think that I took some of the census information 
from books that were printed transcriptions.  Probably I saw the printed 
transcription before I looked at the microfilm and assumed that was James.  
Anyway I know some of the other Walker Co. people have sent the same lists 
with James on it, so they must have seen the same transcription.  Check with 
Gerald.  But if you saw the original handwriting, that must seal the case.  
My Grandpa Sam showed up in someone's printed transcription as John and 
because I knew Sam's b.d. already I figured the handwriting made a large S. 
that went below the line, which in that day seemed to be part of the fancy 
stuff as I have some handwitten memoirs of Wm Irwin, Jr. that does that 
consistently if there is a double "ss".  Anyway from the mistaking the S in 
Sam for a J the -am can easily be mistaken for -ohn.  
	When I looked at the James and Mary census records,I was just 
beginning my family history search and had about a total of one and one half 
hours before the library closed and had to be on my way the next day so my 
notes on that census was very scribbled and sloppy in the details I took 
down. (wasn't even sure at the time how or if they were related).   Since I 
had heard the James also from others, I assumed it to be right.  In one of 
the censuses that I saw from another Dutton descendant recently, they had 
Simeon as Lemen or some such.  Those census takers and their spelling and 
handwriting and people giving the information probably often busy and not 
wanting their time taken with such nonsense have caused lots of us some 
headaches all these years later.  But part of the fun of genealogy for me is 
a little of this mystery solving. ....but living so far away from the 
detailed records and not able to travel there makes that solving a huge 
problem, so all this internet communication is a real Godsend for me.
	While I am at this,  I was just now going over a list of Duttons from 
the Walker County marriage book records I copied at Jasper that I have not 
been able to place.  Maybe one or two of them might jump out at Joseph or 
some of the other Dutton Cousins so I will list them:
  	Annie CROWNOVER md A. G. DUTTON IN 1920  A/G/ was age 32. amd Ammoe 
was age 21. both b. AL
	CORA GANN  md  J. L. DUTTON in 1908.  J. L. was age 26 b. in AL and 
Cora Gann was age 19, b. in AL
	James HALL md Lizzie (probably Elizabeth) DUTTON in 1908 at Townley, 
Walker Co. AL 
	Mary E. HARPER md J. J. DUTTON in 1879  Bond signed by J. J. and W. 
R.Dutton and permission note sent by Lucinda A. Harper.
	Nancy F. JEFFRIES md J. J. DUTTON in 1906. Same J. J. or two 
different ones???
	Thomas McCLUSKEY md Epp DUTTON in 1913  Thomas' last name was very 
difficult to read on the handwriting.  Could have been McCluskey or 
McCheskey.  He was age 21 b. in AL and she was age 20, b. AL
	C. P or C. R. SIMS md Ida DUTTON in 1900   Bond signed by C. R.; Sims 
and D (or O) S (or I) Schwartz
	Jake SWARTZ md Bird DUTTON in 1893.   Marriage at home of her father 
W. M. Dutton.
	Mathew TUCKER md Naomi J. DUTTON in 1879.  Married at the home of 
William M. Dutton.  Bond signed by M. J. Tucker and S. C.Tucker.
	Will WHITE md Addie DUTTON in 1908 at Coal Valley in Walker County.
	R. M. WILLIAMS md Iza DUTTON in 1921.  He was age 23 and she was age 
20, both b. AL

	Any of these fit into anyone's files?

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