ZDUTTON – Walker Co. Marriages, & Jarrett, William, and Levi Dutton

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Subject: ZDUTTON – Walker Co. Marriages, & Jarrett, William, and Levi Dutton
Date: 1999-07-26 02:09:25
ECol91234@aol.com wrote:
>         While I am at this,  I was just now going over a list of Duttons from
> the Walker County marriage book records I copied at Jasper that I have not
> been able to place.  Maybe one or two of them might jump out at Joseph or
> some of the other Dutton Cousins so I will list them:


Last time I was in Jasper, I, too, was working on copying
these marriages. I didn't get quite as far as you did; I
think I ran out of time in about mid-1908. The rest of these
are much appreciated. I can't offer a whole lot of insight
into most of these; I do recognize a few of the names,

> Annie CROWNOVER md A. G. DUTTON IN 1920  A/G/ was age 32.
> and Annie was age 21. both b. AL

> CORA GANN  md  J. L. DUTTON in 1908.  J. L. was age 26 b.
> in AL and Cora Gann was age 19, b. in AL

> James HALL md Lizzie (probably Elizabeth) DUTTON in 1908
> at Townley, Walker Co. AL

> Mary E. HARPER md J. J. DUTTON in 1879  Bond signed by 
> J.J. and W.R. Dutton and permission note sent by 
> Lucinda A. Harper.
This is the same James J. or J. J. that appears on the 1880
census in Walker County-- his wife on that census is Mary
E., and they had just married, and had no children. I
believe he is the son of William Dutton, son of Jarrard
Dutton-- and I believe that Jarrard's William is the William
M. Dutton that is mentioned in several of these records
below. This James' initial doesn't match the 1860 census; I
copied "James B."-- but the age matches. And if we assume
this James J. is the son of William M., then W.R. would be
another son, William (listed as "William P." in 1860).
Needless to say, I don't much trust the 1860 Walker Co.
census (This is the same one that listed Mary Emily Rushing,
wife of Zachariah Dutton, as "Emily C."), or any Walker Co.
census, for that matter.

> Nancy F. JEFFRIES md J. J. DUTTON in 1906. Same J. J. 
> or two different ones???
I would think this would be a different one, but you can't
really tell. I didn't find the older James J. on the 1900
census, but that doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't there.
Walker County was at the time pretty "backwoods" (parts of
it still are), and it would be pretty easy to move off into
the wilderness where the census-taker couldn't find you.
Even today, people are missed. Anyway, I don't know right
off who this J.J. is.

> Thomas McCLUSKEY md Epp DUTTON in 1913  Thomas' last name
> was very difficult to read on the handwriting.  Could
> have been McCluskey or McCheskey.  He was age 21 b. in 
> AL and she was age 20, b. AL
I can't tell right off who this is, either. William (M?)
Dutton, son of Jarrett, had a daughter named "Eppa", but
this wouldn't be her, as she apparently died fairly young.
This "Epp" could be named after her, though-- perhaps the
daughter of James J. or another of William's sons? 

> C. P or C. R. SIMS md Ida DUTTON in 1900   Bond signed by 
> C.R. Sims and D (or O) S (or I) Schwartz
This one doesn't make an immediate connection to anyone in
my file, but the fact that Mr. Schwartz (whatever his name
was) was bondsman draws a link to the next marriage between
Jake (I have Jake/Joke/Jobe?) Swartz/Schwartz and Bird
Dutton, clearly identified as the daughter of W. M. Dutton.
It's pushing things a little to say that William M. (or
rather, his wife Martha) had a daughter who was married in
1900, unless (a) she was fairly old when she married, (b)
William M. married twice, secondly to a younger woman, or
(c) there is more than one W. M. Dutton. 

> Jake SWARTZ md Bird DUTTON in 1893.   Marriage at home of
> her father W. M. Dutton.
This one is pretty self-explanatory, assuming W. M. Dutton
is who I think he is. I don't have anyone named Bird listed
as a child of William, but it's possible she was born after
1870, or that "Bird" is a nickname. 

> Mathew TUCKER md Naomi J. DUTTON in 1879.  Married at the
> home of William M. Dutton.  Bond signed by M. J. Tucker 
> and S. C. Tucker.
William M. Dutton would be her father. I believe this Naomi
J. is William's second daughter, whom I and everyone else
copied from the 1860 census as "Mouna J."  I went back and
looked at it; looking at it again, it very well could be
"Naomi"; it doesn't much resemble "Mouna". Does anyone have
easy access to the 1880 Walker Co. Census? I know the WCGS
made a transcription of it. I would like to see if this
Matthew Tucker and Naomi Dutton show up anywhere in it--
possibly close to the above James J. Dutton?

> Will WHITE md Addie DUTTON in 1908 at Coal Valley in 
> Walker County.
Looks to me like this is the re-marriage of Addie BARRENTINE
who married Joseph DUTTON in 1904 in Coal Valley. [Am I
right in assuming this Joseph is the son of Thomas F. Dutton
by Louisa CARMICHAEL (as mentioned in Dombhart's History)?]
I would speculate that Joseph died between 1904 and 1908,
but I don't have any other data on him or Addie other than
these two marriage records-- that's really not enough to
say. If you'll notice, though, the same minister performed
both marriages, at the same place.

> R. M. WILLIAMS md Iza DUTTON in 1921.  He was age 23 and she was age
> 20, both b. AL
I don't have this one either. By this time, though, my
records are pretty sparse; you have entered the realm of the
living, of which I know not of. :) What I mean to say is,
there's probably people alive who remember these two, or
possibly even some that remember this marriage taking
place-- there's even a chance that they themselves are still
alive! I haven't talked to that many people yet, and there
aren't many public records that cover anything after 1920.

By the way: you're probably wondering where I came up with
the additional data on William M. Dutton. A few months ago,
I made one of my most proud discoveries: one of those "I
think I'm going to jump up and run screaming around the
library" moments. I found William Dutton, son of Jarrett, on
the 1870 census. But (darnit!) I've lost my notes. They were
in my green scratch notebook, which I carry around
everywhere I go and scribble in-- and I think I left it at
Wal-Mart. I'm going by tomorrow to get my last paycheck, and
maybe it will turn up. Thankfully, however, I did copy most
of the pertinent data into my database. What follows will be
an abstract; the dates and spellings may not match exactly
the dates and spellings that were actually on the census.
The next time I'm at the library (which no doubt will be
very soon), I will re-copy it. I hate losing notes, but it
happens to me quite often; there wasn't anything
irrecoverable in that notebook-- I still remember where
everything came from.

Just for reference, here is the 1860 census listing of the
William Dutton family:

1860 Walker County, Alabama
Kansas P.O. - page 849

William Dutton		36 M	Ala.
Martha			35 F	Tenn.
Julina T.		 6 F	Ala.
Naomi(?) J.		 5 F	Ala.
James B.(?)		 4 M	Ala.
George W.		 1 M	Ala.
William P.(?)		 3 M	Ala.

Now, the 1870 census-- of where else, but just across the
line in Marion County:

(And darnit, I've also misplaced my 1870 Dutton index, which
I only copied about five times-- so I won't have the page
number until I go back to Huntsville)

Thorn Hill P.O. (I at least copied that much)

William Dutton		46 or so	Ala.
Martha			45 or so	Tenn.
Julina			16 or so	Ala.
Emey			15 or so	Ala.
George			11 or so	Ala.
William			10 or so	Ala.
[That's just to say, there were no major discrepancies
between age and name, other than "Emey", which could've been
a nickname-- this is where Naomi would fit in. For the rest
of the children, my only source for them is this 1870
census, so the ages I list will be the ages from the
Roxanna			9		Ala.
Martha			7		Ala.
Mary			4		Ala.
Eppa			2		Ala.

[I should note that there was another William M. Dutton in
Alabama, one who actually used the initial-- ironically, his
full name was William Marion Dutton. He lived in DeKalb,
Cherokee, and eventually Jackson Counties, and apparently is
the namesake of the town of Dutton, Alabama.]

William Dutton held a couple of land records in Walker
County, both in the area of Carbon Hill and Kansas, where he
is listed in 1860:

William Dutton - SW qr. of NW qr., Sec. 26, Twp 13 S, Range
10 W - 1 Dec 1860.
William Dutton - SE qr. of NE qr., Sec. 27, Twp 13 S, Range
10 W - 1 Dec 1860.

These two adjacent plots lie about three quarters-of-a-mile
to the southeast of the center of Kansas. On my map, it is
crossed by the present-day power transmission lines, and
also one other feature: a cemetery known as Sleepy Cemetery.
I've never seen a record of this cemetery, I don't think, so
I don't know anything about it. Nearby is Lost Creek and
interestingly, Allen Creek. There are several Allens listed
nearby in the land records. Also living very close by,
according to both census and land records, are James Hogan,
Samuel Sparks, Solomon Castleberry, and a lot of others that
tie in.

One would think that William Dutton had abandoned this land,
as he is shown in Marion County in 1870; but I'm not sure he
wasn't just on a visit, or a brief sojourn of a few years
for one reason or another. It appears that he was back in
Walker County as early as 1879, as the marriage records
above always say "married at the home of the bride's father,
W.M. Dutton, in THIS COUNTY." It also appears he was alive
and present as late as 1893, when Bird Dutton was married.

I'm so excited about some of these latest developments, I'm
ready to explode. It was astounding to discover the pattern
of migration in the 1830's and 40's from Morgan and Lawrence
Counties to Walker County; that has been pretty well
documented now. But now, another is starting to come out in
the open: the migration from Walker County west-- to
Cherokee County, Texas.

Let me quote briefly an earlier message of Eula's that
unfortunately didn't go out to the whole list:

[begin quoted message]

Dear Darlene: [CC: Me, Tracy Dutton, and Cliff Vieira]
    I am sending you the message that I sent one of the
IRWIN Group, Cliff Vieira, and his reply. Earlier, he sent
me an article from a Cherokee County book with an Irwin
family. I thought perhaps that book might have something on
your family that would give you some clues. He is always
great about sharing information and makes lots of trips to
the library at Temple, Texas, which has copies of the
Heritage of Walker Co. book already so it must stock lots
of genealogy related materials. A Keeton contact of mine
last year sent some articles from another book with some
Keeton and Sides family articles. I am trying to locate
those articles to see what book they were from as they were
very detailed about family ancestors and descendants of the
families that he sent, I think it was also from Cherokee
Co. TX, but am not sure... So if there were Duttons there
at that time that might be another good source for leads.
Cliff had a question about Nancy Allen Dutton's family that
you would know better than I.

[Eula to Cliff (crwsv@sprintmail.com)]
Dear Cliff,
I am corresponding with Darlene Cole (dcole@tech-line.com)
and we are exchanging information about the family of her
direct Dutton line, which is Levi Dutton, son of Jarrett
and Charity (McDaniel) Dutton.  Levi was the  brother of
the Zachariah Dutton killed in the Civil War that was the
subject of one of the stories I send on e-mail.  

Anyway, Jarrett's children went several directions because
it appears they were orphaned before 1840 and taken in by
various relatives. Zachariah stayed in AL and ended up at
age 30 on the census of James and Mary Irwin Dutton's
household shortly before he married.  Mary Dutton married
John B. Brown in Walker Co. and they moved to Itawamba Co.
MS, William married someone named Martha in Walker Co.
about 1853 and nothing is known of him after 1860.  Levi 
was the third child and married  Nancy Allen in Rusk, 
Cherokee Co. TX in 1851 and had children named Mary E.,
Martha J., Frances A., William, Catherine Marzie, Alfred,
Amanda, Leticia, Calvin, and Robert, all born in Cherokee
Co. TX.  

Why am I telling you all of this????   Well, Darlene said 
she had searched for years and never have found any record
of any of the children except Catherine Marzie who married
James Cole, Jr. whose grandson married Darlene.  Since you
sent the article about Robert Foster Irwin from a Cherokee
Co. history book, and someone in the Keeton line sent me
articles of some of the Keetons and Duttons who migrated
there from another county book (I think it was Cherokee
Co. TX).  The other book was called The Bullard 
Community 1800-1977 (I think those dates are right).  The 
library at Temple seems to have a lot of books of county
histories.  I wondered if next time you go to there, you
might check and see if you found any of these Duttons or 
the Cole family which might give the names of who some of
the daughters of Levi married, or carry some other 
descendants' information.  The Bullard Community book and
the one you copied from for Robert F. Irwin seemed to 
carry lots of decendants lists. Whenever it is convenient, 
I would appreciate it. We are at a dead end with that
family. 	Thanks,  Eula

[Cliff to Eula and Darlene]
I'll see what I can find on the Duttons in Cherokee Co.,
TX, the next time we go to the Temple or Texas State
library.  The State library also has info on Cherokee Co.
Willie has some of her Halbert and Higgins branch lines in
Cherokee county.  These lines came from Limestone Co., AL.

Did Nancy Allen Dutton's family move to Cherokee Co., from
Walker Co., AL??  There was a Francis and James Allen
living near our families during the 1840 Walker Co.,
census.  	Cliff

[end quoted message]

Now, if there's anything I'd like to think I've taught you,
Eula, it's that there's no such thing as a dead end! It just
happens that I managed to scrounge up some data on the three
youngest children of Levi Dutton. I'll go into that later;
right now, I want to talk about Cherokee County, Texas. It
seems to me that there was a large migration of families
from Walker County, Alabama to Cherokee County, Texas in the
late 1840's. You just mentioned the Irwins, Sides, and
Keetons-- plus our Levi Dutton. And it makes sense to me
that Nancy Allen's family would have come from Walker
County, as well. Levi and Nancy may have known each other
since childhood! I believe from looking at the census that
the entire community in which these families lived in
Cherokee County may have been made up of migrants from
Alabama. When I looked up Levi and family on the census last
week, I did indeed see a lot of Sides and others very close
by, and made a note of it; as the day wore on, this stirred
something in the back of my mind which I had nearly
forgotten-- then, when I got home, it hit me. I rushed to my
files, and brought out the 1850 census of Levi in Cherokee
Co., before he was married, which I had copied over two
years ago-- luckily, I did manage to hang onto these notes.
Sure enough, my recollection was correct: Levi was living
with a Sides family from Alabama. Of course, back then, I
had never even heard of the Sides, and had not even made the
slightest connection to James Dutton or anyone else in
Walker County. But to me, this is PROOF POSITIVE that
Darlene's Levi did indeed come from Walker County, Alabama,
and is the son of Jarrett Dutton and Charity McDaniel.

In fact, this fact has been nagging me constantly for weeks:
the fact that all of Jarrett and Charity's children ended up
in Walker County. Given this, it seems very likely to me
that Jarrett himself migrated to Walker County, and probably
died there. Jarrett and Charity are last seen on the 1830
census in Lawrence County-- we always assumed that they died
there-- but it was about this time that the migration to
Walker County began. Even assuming that they died before
1840, they could have gone nearly anywhere during those ten
years, and Walker County was the place to go. Jarrett was
always the adventure-seeker, it would seem: he was one of
the first two Dutton brothers to go to untamed Alabama (then
Mississippi Territory) in 1810; he served in the War of 1812
there, fighting against the Creek Indians, and in the
Militia afterwards, probably doing more of the same; he
apparently got into trouble from time to time, according to
Madison Co., Ala. court records (or "Don't beat up my little
brother"-- for those of you don't know about this, I'll
repeat it later); and by all accounts, he was a wanderer,
having moved three or more times in three censuses. Why
wouldn't he go to Walker County, this promising new
territory full of precious metals and free land?

I have a lot more to say; don't I always?-- but even I have
to go to bed some time! Let me just say that the RootsWeb
list came through yesterday, and is ready to roll-- all I
have to do is hit "Send" on the message that will subscribe
all of you. I have a little bit more fiddling I'd like to do
with it before I start it, though, so if you have any
suggestions or objections, now is the time for them.

Good night,

Cousin Joseph

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