ZDUTTON-Judy Knight Line

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Subject: ZDUTTON-Judy Knight Line
Date: 1998-07-03 21:54:55
Hi cousins

I sent this to Joseph back in April, but I don't think that I have sent it to
any of you (other than Artie and Susie).  If so just delete.

Since I put this together, Joseph has linked me to Zachariah Dutton who is
Samuel Sneed Dutton's father.  Note the name of one of Samuel's sons. Most of
this information I got out of the "Threadgill II" book and from the Darlington
Co. Historical Commission (Dutton Family Bible Records)

Elizabeth Robinson Threadgill died after the 1880 census.  Samuel Sneed Dutton
b. 1797 died before the 1880 census.  They are both buried in the Old
Threadgill Cemetery north of Wadesboro, NC.

Elizabeth and Samuel Dutton's children are as follows:
1. George W. Dutton b. ca 1822 married Elizabeth Sullivan in 1855, had two
    Susan and Mary.

2. Mary A. Dutton b. Sept. 24, 1824, d. June 7, 1882, Married Elias P. Forte.
    Children: Gaston; George; Mary; Oliver; Robert.

3.  Alexander F. Dutton b. 1826, died after 1880 in Cullman County, Ala.

4.   Thomas Dutton born 1829, though to have moved to Alabama

5.    Zachariah J. Dutton b. ca. 1831, married Martha Morris.  Moved to
       Pulaski Co., Ark.

6.    Lucy Dutton b. 1835, married Theodore White.  Two children-Lillie Belle

7.    Sarah Dutton b. 1837, married Wm. J. Patrick

8.     Rosanna Dutton born 1840, married Samuel Snow.

9.     Martin Van Buren Dutton b. ca. 1842, died young.

10.    Edward  H. Dutton born 1843, died 1919, married December 26, 1867 Mary
         Francis Maner.  Children:  William H.; Eugene Tillman; Ella F.; Emma 
         Martin; Florence L.; Lucious Girth; Lucy A.; Braxston H.; Fannie G;
          I. "Bud" Dutton;  and Clyde F.  Dutton. Edmund H. Dutton served CSA
          regt.  Co. H, N.C. Volunteers.       
11.    Parthenia  F. Dutton b. ca. 1845

12.    Ellen  Dutton born ca. 1846

13.    James Dutton b. ca. 1847   died young

14.    John Henry Dutton b. ca. 1848.

Another list that I got from the Darlington Archives states that Samuel and
"Betsy" Dutton had 16 children.   On this list it has in addition to the above
a Jack, John and William....which very well with our family could have been

I am descended through their son Edward (some documents list Edmund) H. "Ed"
Dutton  b. 1843  died 1919 and Mary Francis "Fannie" Maner (or Maynard) born
in Stanley Co. NC 1846 died June 21, 1934 Darlington Co. and married December
26, 1867

Their Children:

1.   William Henry Dutton b. Nov. 3, 1868 d. Dec. 13, 1940 married 11-2-1889
to Jane Poston
2.    Edward Ivy "Bud" Dutton b. Dec. 17, 1884 d. July 1935  married 3-22-1903
to Annie Mae Andrews
3.    Eugene Tillman Dutton b. in Ansonville, NC Oct. 12 1870 d. Mar. 11, 1946
married  Hannah Elitha Revell
4.    Braxton M. Dutton b. Feb. 2, 1881 married "Kitty" Simpson
5.  Lucious Guthrie "Gus" "Girth" Dutton b. Mar. 30., 1877 married
6.  Florence Le Dutton b. May 10, 1875 married James "Jim" Henry Rhodes
7.  Lucy A. Dutton b. April 3, 1879 married John Phillips
8.  Francis "Fannie" G. Dutton b. Dec. 7, 1882 married Joseph "Joe" W. Hearne
9.  Clyde Frontis Dutton b. Feb. 17, 1883 d. Oct 17, 1925 married Jan. 21,
1913 by Rev. B. Rhett Turnipseed-Darlington SC Effie Andrews (sister of Annie
Mae Andrews).
10.  Emma Martin Dutton b. June 12, 1873 d. Aug 3, 1912 in (Dallas, Tx),
married Bernard Walker Ashworth
11.  Ella F. Dutton b. April 29, 1872 married William Odom

I am descended  through Edward and Mary Francis Dutton's son Edward Ivy "Bud"
Dutton whose daughter Myrtle Mae Dutton Broach was my maternal grandmother.

That is probably enough for all to digest at one time . 
Love Cousin Judy

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