ZDUTTON – William M. Dutton Census Reprint

From: Richardson <richardson-decatur-al@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: ZDUTTON – William M. Dutton Census Reprint
Date: 1999-07-26 20:59:14

Here's the census listing for William M. Dutton, son of
Jarrett Dutton, on the 1870 census of Marion County,
Alabama. I went to the library for a minute today, and
copied it real quick. (I did manage to find my 1870 Dutton
index, so that made this lookup a lot easier!)

Page No. 28 (handwritten)
The Eastern Subdivision - Marion County, Alabama
12 Aug 1870 - Thorn Hill, Ala. P.O.
John R. Phillips, Ass't Marshall
(Page 14B stamped)
(Line 31)

Dutton, William		46 M W	Farmer	600 200	Ala.
	Martha		44 F W	Keeping house	Tenn.
	Julina		16 F W	attends school	Ala.(S)
	Omey		15 F W	---		"   (Ill.)
	James		13 M W	"	"	"   (S)
	Wm. R.		12 M W	"	"	"   (S)
	Roxana		 9 F W	"	"	"   (S)
	Martha		 7 F W	"	"	"   (S)
	Mary		 4 F W	---		"
	Eppa		 2 F W	---		"

(S) = Attends school; (Ill.) = Illiterate

Note that the "Emey" I had read before, and supposed to be
William's daughter Naomi, upon further examination appeared
to be "Omey", which makes a lot more sense. For some reason,
Omey doesn't go to school, while all of her siblings do.

Note also the disappearance of George W. Dutton from the
1860 census; he should have been about 11. Looks like he
probably died young.

As you can see, this listing makes a lot better case for
those marriage records belonging to this William. I was
surprised (and extremely pleased) at how consistent this
census is with the 1860 census. All ages match up exactly--
an extreme rarity that I usually don't expect, or even hope
for. For once, I think someone remembered how old their kids
were (and how old they were, too, for that matter). 

I also copied a couple of their neighbors, who happen to be,
more or less, the ones that the children are shown marrying
in the marriage records Eula showed us.

(Next page - p.15A stamped)

Harper,	Nancy	11 F W	keeping house	100 150	Ala.(Ill.)
	Mary*	10 F W	attends school		"   (S)
	Thomas	 9 M W				"   (S)
	Rebecca  7 F W				"   (S)

I don't where these children's parents were; I didn't see
them anywhere nearby.

*Mary E. Harper married James J. Dutton on 2 Sep 1879 in
Walker Co.

(p.16A stamped)

Tucker,	George		50 M W	Farmer 	2K-1K	Ala.
	Martha		38 F W	keeping house	"
	Demby		18 F W	attends school	"
	Saml.		16 M W	"	"	"
	Matthew*	14 F W	[sic]	"	"
	Mary		11 F W	"	"	"
	Georgian	 8 F W	"	"	"
	Moses		 5 M W			"
	Elizabett	 3 F W			Ala.
	Wm. H.       10/12 M W			"

*Matthew, who is definitely not a female, married Naomi J.
Dutton on 17 Jul 1879 in Walker County.	

Yes, you read that correctly: this George Tucker's estate is
valued at $2000 real estate, $1000 personal estate; not bad
at all for Reconstruction Alabama.

S.C. Tucker, who was bondsman with M.J. (Matthew J.) Tucker
for his marriage to Naomi J. Dutton, is probably his
Matthew's older brother Samuel, shown here.

I know of a Tucker Cemetery on the Marion/Walker County line
(in fact, isn't there more than one?) in which are buried
some "branch" relatives (Hogans); I'm wondering if these
Tuckers here are the same ones there. Anyone have cemetery

I'll send some more stuff a little later tonight.

Cousin Joseph

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