Re: ZDUTTON – Bouncing address

Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – Bouncing address
Date: 1999-07-26 13:06:13
Thanks for the info:  Here is some tidbits of info that may interest you.  
While looking through some old notes that I had I ran across a group of 
Duttons that were living in Beaufort Co. N.C.(Don"t know the timeline) but 
here are some of the names.

A.M. Dutton. J.G. Dutton R.R. Dutton, Zach( yep thats right) Dutton Thos. 
Dutton. W. J. Dutton.
These were Deed transaction over a period of time.  I'm assuming these were 
some names I ran across when I first got started look at my family history, 
somewhere along 25 yrs ago.  I had completly forgotton about them.  I've 
often wondered what had happened to Zachariah Dutton Jr. Could this be an 
indication of his wherabouts.

I'll keep on digging and any help would be appreaciated.


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