Re: ZDUTTON – William M. Dutton Census Reprint

Subject: Re: ZDUTTON – William M. Dutton Census Reprint
Date: 1999-07-27 14:41:51
Dear Joseph,
	Thanks for the census information.  I have two of the Walker Co. Gen. 
Soc. Cemetery Books, Here They Rest, Vol I and Vol III.   Vol 1 has the 
following cemeteries (some of which are very small), Aaron, Beech Grove, 
Black, Blanton, Boldo (quite large), Bonner, Bryan, Burton, Burton Bend, 
Cedrum Grove, Chapel Hill, Crossroads Ch. of Christ, Davis, Delvecchio, 
Duncan Memorial, Frost, Gaddy, Guthrie, Herman, Hillard, Jenkins-Ary, 
Johnston, Kansas, Keeton (Nauvoo Area) Keeton (Townley area), Kitchens, 
Logan, Lollar, Manasco, Mauldin, Morris, Mt. Hope Bapt., Mt Zion, New 
Flatwoods or Liberty Grove Prim. Bapt., Oak Grove, Old New Hope, Palmer, 
Pendley, Portzer, Powell Bottoms aka Lindsey, Sims, Smith, Trinity, Tucker, 
Unnamed at Eldridge, unnamed at Townley, Waldon, and two Wright Cemeteries.
	Vol. III has larger cemeteries and also has an index of all names at 
the back which Vol I does not have.  That volume includes Davis, Gains, New 
Prospect, Oakman-Day, Old Flatwoods and Samaria Cemeteries.
	It that helps any......Let me know if you want any info from them.    

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