Z DUTTON -Welcome Duttons

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Subject: Z DUTTON -Welcome Duttons
Date: 1999-07-27 07:29:39
Dana and Tracy

Welcome to the Dutton Gang. 

My name is Judy Norwood Knight
daughter of Mary Ellen Broach Norwood
daughter of Myrtle Mae Dutton Broach
daughter of Edward Ivy "Bud" Dutton
son of Edward H. Dutton (1843 - 1919)
son of Samuel Sneed Dutton who married Elizabeth Threadgill in Anson County 
NC.  The same one that James told us about recently who hit his step-mother.  
Now that I think about it my grandmother did have a temper.  She was 4 foot 
11.  Grandadday was 6 foot 3 or so and she kept him and ten children in line 
(along with us grandchildren).  She could whistle and be heard for miles.  
And when we heard it, we knew that we had three minutes to get home (no 
wonder all of us are such good runners.....grin).  I have often wondered if 
this whistle is a Dutton thing.

I work full time, am listed as a "lookup" researcher on the SC Genweb, member 
of several family groups, run the web page for the Old Darlington District 
Genealogy Chapter of the SCGS and I am wife and mother, so it leaves me 
little time for my own research the past few years.  However, you  will find 
some very good researchers in this group who will put your head in a spin 
with the valuable information that they come up with.  

As I have often said, they are like my Duttons here, very loving and 
considerate but quiet. My Duttons here have always surveyed a situation for 
awhile, before they will jump in.  Joseph is our ring leader and when he goes 
off to school, it gets very quiet for long periods, however, don't give up on 
us, every now and then we oldens rise to the occasion...big grin.

Hope you enjoy your stay with us.
Love Cuzin Judy

If you would like to check out my pages

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