Lot's of mail

From: MAKinsley@aol.com
Subject: Lot's of mail
Date: 1999-07-26 13:35:18
Hi Dutton Cousins:

This is my first day to try to be on the computer since my eye laser. Still 
seeing flutters in my eye, but wanted to let all of you know, I am on the 
road to recovery.

Eula:  Thanks for your information. I certainly can understand what your 
husbands went through with all his eye problems. Seems we have had a few like 
conditions. I have lost some side vision and have only drove the car once  in 
over a year. My family don't like for me to drive as I see things that are 
not there, and don't see what's there. Ha. 

Joseph: Wow, sure glad you are back on the trail again. Of course, I only had 
44 e-mail so it will take me a while to catch up with all of you. Thanks for 
all the nice thoughts. Hope this is my last eye surgery as it sures get old.


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