Jarrett's possible burial site

From: ECol91234@aol.com
Subject: Jarrett's possible burial site
Date: 1999-07-27 22:35:54
Dear Dutton Cousins,
         In one of Josephs's e-mail yesterday he mentioned  that he now 
believes that Jarrett and Charity Dutton migrated to Walker Co. and that they 
probably died there.  I heard from David Price, a descendant of Luther Dutton 
(Zachariah and M. E. Rushing Dutton> Simeon Dutton & Adeline Stewart> Luther 
Dutton and Bertha Bailey > Norman Lecil Dutton & Juanita Duncan> Veretta 
Dutton & Bunkie Price).  Darlene Cole had answered his inquiry online.  I had 
forwarded David the section of Joseph's recent comments on Jarrett's probable 
migration.  He responded with the following:
"Also you wrote about Jarrett being buried in Walker County or somewhere else 
in Alabama.  Did you know of the old graveyard down on 69 hwy by the double 
bridges below Smith Dam.  There are several old graves there.  I used to go 
down with Luther Dutton, my gtgrandpa as a kid; it is really grown over and 
hard to get to.  About 95% of the graves were unmarked when I was a child.  
My uncle told me that a man had gone there and took the stone slabs off of 
the graves and stone headstones to make a stone wall at his home.  The police 
were called but would not do anything as they were too "busy" so none of them 
may be marked now.  I have not been to it in several years but plan to go 
this fall and try to clean up and do some research.  My gtgrandma Luther's 
wife, Bertha Bailey still knows several names of people buried there.  If 
yuou don't have any info on this let me know and I will try my best to find 
	Sounds to me like a good possibility.  Wonder if back that far there 
were any records kept anywhere for burials???  Most of those old cemeteries 
likely did not sell plots so there would be no deeds filed or anything like 
that.  Likely there aren't other records or we would know more about who was 
buried in the unmarked graves everywhere.  Any ideas, except looking at 
obituaries in the Daily Mountain Eagle.  Great grandmother Bertha Bailey 
would be a good source, of course, for what she remembers.       Just thought 
I would share this.   
	David, let us know what you find out anything.     Eula

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