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Date: 1998-07-03 22:17:27
     On most of the census, they list SC as all of their birthplace.  One
time, Wiley
put down NC as his birthplace.  But someone told me that at one time Part of
was NC so I would guess that it is SC, possibly the Greenville County area.
That is
where Jeremiah and Daniel Dutton can be found on a 1780, I think,  census.  We
think that Daniel and Jeremiah Dutton, brothers, married Cherokee women.
Jeremiah's wife was Sarah O? and don't know Daniels.  We also think that
and Jeremiah Dutton were connected to the Maryland or MA Duttons but were
possibly disowned when they married Indians.  My Duttons father was probably a
son of Daniel Dutton.  We think that Daniel had James and Thomas and they are
on the 1810 and 1820 Elbert County, GA census.  Then they moved over in to NW
GA, TN, and NE AL. either before or after 1830.
     My Duttons are on the 1840 Franklin County, TN census in 2 households.
they are listed as Deetons!  under the names of Patrick and Wiley J.  Father
who we think was Thomas, is dead by 1840 , as he is not on the census.  In
they all have moved to Dade County, GA, in 2 households again, this time
and Thomas, who has mother, Mary, living with him.  Wiley J. and his wife,
Rose Dutton, are already living in Conway County, AR by 1850.  MY Louise E.
Dutton is already dead by 1850.  The reason I say that she was in Jackson
AL is because Brad's grandmother wrote down in notes that Louise E. lived at
Crow Creek in Jackson County, AL and that is where her son, Silas Benton
Dutton was born.  This is also where Louise E. died and is buried in 1846.
She was a young maiden when she had Silas and his father was a 40 year old
circuit rider
minister  with a family in Cannon County, TN.  He would not leave his family
Louise E. and his son Silas, and grandma said that Louise E. died of a broken
heart when Silas was 2.  The rest of the Duttons were in Franklin County, TN,
at the
time.  I can tell you that my Duttons were close to the Garners and the
Dodsons.  In fact, a researcher told me that a Sis Dutton married a Garner.  I
wondering if this Sis is our Elisare.  Our Duttons could neither read or write
and were
very poor.  Their name may be mispelled often and this makes it hard to find
them, also.  There is definitely Cherokee blood somewhere.  Grandma said that
Louise E.
was half Cherokee and half white.  I know that at one time there were Cherokee
reservations in Jackson County, AL along Crow Creek.  Someone sent me a map of
this.  Grandma mentioned Crow Creek many times so it is important to the
somehow and so is the name Benton.  Many of my Duttons have Benton for a
middle name.  Grandma said that it was the name of a place.  

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